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Throwing Spectral Weapons...for a Noob by a Noob! (scion video added)

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Spectral Throw Compendium (in progress, updated for 1.0.2)

Hey Everyone..

Spectral Throw is a cheap build, does good dmg, often utilizes many tank key stones/passives with a ranged attack...therefore enjoying great survivabilitty and damage

Note***: Only one of my builds utilize eldritch battery / mind over matter key stones as I have found gathering es/armr or es/eva gear can be abit expensive for an account you just want to bot, and thus the gear used in many builds will mostly be either eva/armr, eva, armor due to the iron reflexes keystone and item price.

1 first thing to all out there...Spectral Throw is affected by:
- Projectile Damage
- Attack Speed
- Critical Strike Chance
- Accuracy
- Increased Physical Damage.

- Weapon Elemental Damage


The middle of the passive tree, you can go for dps, get tank, (although not quite as tank as the marauder / duelist) classes, grab reduced mana and blood magic easily...the scion class's strength lies in its versatility and you can pretty much get any passive/node/keystone u desire
No real weaknesses in my opinion which is why i've got one!, easy to level, cheap gear.

Unlocking ..GG
(abit unrelated but i find EB/MOM builds to be expensive...however they are quite strong in late game content)

(please note** i have left alot of unallocted points for you guys to grab more dmg, res, hp, armor, depending on your own preferances, altough i have tried to keep my tree as flexible as possible too, for further expansion)

Main Build 2h Mace: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgABAecFLQ_MEuEUIBcvGJEZLho4GlUn7SmlMZ4yfjWSNug6UkCgQT9GaUrITeNOKlBHUeZUSVXWVw1X4livWfNaGlpSXz9gS2EhZKNk52aeZ1hqHmqTbmluqnKpdO135XgNeu982YCkhNmE74cph2qI8ZBVkGyRzptdnrmezZ_LplemZKcwp4SoGKiaqW6plKxZrKq0L7XytkG53bvtvqfAD8AayZjSIdJN1e3ZYd7B5K3nUuw47w7yL_KX8933vvrS_o8=


2h Mace with extra dex attributes (for those who need while levelling):


2h Mace Blood Magic: only for those who want... i personally dont go http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgABAecEswUtD8wUIBRNFHEXLxiRGS4aOBpVJbwn7SmlMZ4yfjKJNZI26DbpOlJAoEE_QapKyE3jTipQR1HmVdZXDVfiWK9Z81oaWlJgS2EhZKNk52aeah5qk25pbqpyqXTtd-V4DXrvfNmApITZhO-HaojxkFWQbJtdnrmezZ_LogCmV6ZkpzCnhKgYqJqpaKluqZSsWayqtC-18rZBud2-p8APwBrJmNIh0k3V7dlh3sHfv-Nq5K3sOO8O8B_yL_KX8933vvrS_o8=

Etups ST build used by Alkpone!: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/563103/page/1

Bandit: Oak, Oak, your choice (either oak or kratilyn...endurance or frenzy charge, or passive point, dont get power charge...)


  • 6l - Spectral:
    Required - Lesseer/Greater Proj (do not get both...big nerf to dps, unless u a boss...), Faster Projectiles
    Highly Reccomended - Elemental Damage with Weapons, Inc Proj Phy DMG
    Reccomended - Added Fire Damage. Faster Attacks, Added Cold (only if using hatred -> u'll freeze mobs like CRAZY!),
    As required - culling strike, lifeleech, manaleech, IIQ/IIR gems ETC....
  • 6l - Chest -> im using 5 gems in a 5link with cast on when damage taken but this is an area i would like to change the most, any of you out there know a bad ass CODT combo?
  • 4l - reduced mana, enduring cry, (blood rage optional**), curse of your choice
  • 4l - reduced mana, 2 elemental damage auras ! of your choice just for the ele damage ;) (or if u need the survival grace!)
    if ur buff...use a blood magic gem and go 3 elemental damage auras =D

Required Gear

  • Badass 2h Physical Damage Mace -> spend alot on this baby!
    My personal choice would be to spend some money on a mace with 500+ top end damage, rare or unique
    Everybodies Favorite Unique 2h Mace:http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Marohi_Erqi -> its expensive though
    Underrated (do note get resolute strike keystone if u use this) : http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Kongor%27s_Undying_Rage
    To the less wealthy, you can get a pretty decent one on std for 1-2ex with 400+ top end dmg.
  • Chest with over 1k defense values and +life > 50
    u have iron reflexes so eva -> armor
    get any combo of eva/armor eva+armor chest with a total of (eva +armr) over 1k
  • **If you are using blood rage for lifesteal and you dont have sufficient regen yet -> use http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Blood_Dance
  • Belt -> Increased Physical Damage %, Increased Elemental Damage %, Life, res (if req)
  • Helm -> 300def+, life
  • Gloves -> 350 def+, life, phy dmg, as, res (if req) , or u can use sadimaz if ur cheap like me ...lol

Luxury Gear
Gloves -> Life, Res (if you need), phys damage, attack speed
Mana Leech Jewelerry. -> very helpful
Tank enough to take hits and want more dmg? -> http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Abyssus


IIQ/IIR affixes...it is a bot after all =D


Awesome DPS
Did i mention the dps is good...just thought i would again cuz... :D
Throwing Daggers is too cool
CI -> Late Game Map Dominance

1h Shield for extra defense

Hectic to level early
As you all know, one of the most item dependant class in the game, that being said...when u have items =D

Note****: both builds below are very simmilar and have many of the same nodes, the only major difference is that the CI build gets a few ES nodes...versus the life getting life nodes =D

              the damage and clear speed is quite simmilar =D ... THE FIRST BUILD IS ALOT LESS ITEM DEPENDANT!



Life Build (no chaos immunity, alot less item dependant than CI -> Still puts out almost same dps as ci build):

1h + Shield:


If u need STR for STR items


6l - ST basic
Required - Lesseer/Greater Proj(if using power charge build), Fast Porjectiles
Highly Reccomended - Increased Critical Chance/Damage, Inc Proj Phy DMG
Reccomend - Faster Attacks, Added Fire, Weapon Elemental Damage (especially if using 2 auras) 
As Required - Mana/Life Leech, IIQ/IIR gems


6l - ST cast on crit (in my opinion has to be 5link at least)

4l - Reduced Mana, Blood Rage...nice!, 2 Auras -> Good choices are grace, anger, determination, hatred
      or if you arent too strong, yet run -> Grace, Purity, Tempest Shield
4l - 

1H Dagger + Shield Gear

Eventual Desired Stats (for farming high lvl areas): 3k HP+, 7k armor+, block 70% ++, res (fire cold lightning) 75%..

after words add Damage, Surv (hp, armor, eva), IIQ/IIR as desired


DW Gear


CI Build: (late game and item dependant, this is more of an end game map farming build)
Passive with Power Charges

Passive without Power Charges

Dual Wield (less surv...but from experience so, soooo much dmg.....):

note: as of now all 3 of these shadow builds work with melee skills... [i havent got any projectile damage nodes except the 3 from the start] i myself like having fun and messing with my gems and you should too! (plz remember that melee requires more surivvability than range...purely because your melee and in the thick of things)

6l - ST basic
Required - Lesseer/Greater Proj, Power Charge on Crit**(if using power charge build), Fast Porjectiles
Highly Reccomended - Increased Critical Chance/Damage
Reccomend - Faster Attacks, Added Fire, Weapon Elemental Damage (especially if using 2 auras)
As Required - Mana/Life Leech, IIQ/IIR gems


6l - ST cast on crit (in my opinion has to be 5link at least)

4l - Reduced Mana, Blood Rage ur CI ...nice!, 2 Auras -> Good choices are grace, discipline, wrath, hatred

4l - CODT, any wombo combo :D pref using some of these defensive gems (cuz ur a bit squishy sometimes):
Infernal Call/Enduring Cry, Molten Shell, Decoy Totem



Desired Stats -> 6k ++ es, 3k ++ armor, 70% ++ block


Having problems with stun???
2 Soltions -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_of_Oak you can get this passive, its great if your the life build, but i dont really like it if im CI as we dont get the life regen/es keystone, but if u are getting fked ....
-> always good to have one of these .. http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Eye_of_Chayula



Ranger (unfinished)


Coming soon and in progress

Marauder / Duelist (-> gonna check out monsters suggestion on one of my toons =) ... need regrets tho...hahaha dont we all XD


Wings of entropy... :D


http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgQBAecCcQSzBS0FtQzyEdUTTBQgFE0UcRcdF-EaOBpVGtsb-iP2Jd8ppTBPMok0kzboPs9AoEGqSn1OKlBHUUdW-leXV-JYr1nzWf5aGlpIW69gQWBLYSFjcGOnZFJko2WnZ4BnoG5pbthyqXTtd-V673zZg3yE2YTvhymHaod2jX2Nv5BVkGyVm5stnrmfJ5_LogCkGaXLpzCnhKgHqZSqf6q4rKq0-bZBvea-p8APwBrBo9JN3Q3dRuJh7DjuDu_j7_DwH_cy-Ov5Y_xO_MU=- being tested by Heavion


Tank Build
Pros: Cons: Passive Gems: Gear
Crit Staff
Pros: Cons: Passive Gems: Gear
Pros: Cons: Passive Gems: Gear





Shadow - Under 3 minute merciless library clear





This video was constructed using my scion, the dps is only 2.2k UB but I am using 2 damage auras so the clear speed is quite fast =D... the only notable items are my Marohi and 1.1k def chest and 500def helm.

The rest of the items are not so good to as I am also using a few IIQ/IIR items like - http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Sadima


I know my defense seems low i was just showing you what the scion tree can do by grabbing reduced mana nodes and running 2 auras with mana to spare...but hey i'm as i write this im now going 2 hours strong with 2 auras (don't doubt Alks programming and the chicken haha! =D)


Here is a tree for getting another 5% reduced mana, which i dont personally get but i'm sure there are some who could find some use



Note**: sorry guys dont do gear screenshots i dont like having my items displayed on the forums public area (Also im a major tinfoil hat master!!!!! ask anyone who knows me well)...you can pm me for a picture/screen share if you want tho =d


As always anything i write is open to criticism and discussion =D. Specifically, builds can only be improved /modified with input and feedback.

Edited by pronoooob
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tks for the reply so soon...lol !

hehe i have a few builds, and toons to share..just need abit of time to write, feel free to post yours though =D (anyone else as well!)

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yeah thats a good one im about to do something soon 2h with crit does some serious damage as well!... marohi used to be cheap! some may have, but yeah your right its expensive as hell nowadays

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i went a life build which and...when i had gathered some decent ci items I changed....im going to expand more on the item requirements for CI in higher end areas very soon


with regards to the life build i've tried it on my shadow end game as well and its quite good u just need different itemization...which i will finish up soon as well

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I succeeded in copying your CI build so far but its having pretty low dps, like 650 without hatred without counting the power charges and frenzy charges, another issue is that it cant deal with shroud walker. Any tips? I'm 60+ now

Edited by diabolical

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whats shroud walker? 

try running a codt increased dureation, immortal call, enduring cry..shud buy u sometime / defense when u lose es


whats ur gear n stuff like


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Bang, where is your scion video!!!!!!  i started following your guide yesterday to build a spec scion. From what i see from your shadow it was too impressive. I hope the scion is similar. A gear screenshot would realy help too! Thanks alot for your tut!

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i'll make a vid of my scion tonight buddy, no gear screen shot i dont like having my items displayed on the forums public area...you can pm me for a picture if you want tho =d

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kinda ....u havin abit of trouble?


shadow is pretty damn painful to level more so in nemesis! nice 1 bro

whats ur gear and level like? for CI to be good you really need a good chest and shield =D try and get one

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you need alot more than 3.4k es....you meant to have at least 6k, also you need to have abit of armor/ev as es by itself is quite useless as you have no defenses. LIke any life build

when you have ES you still need armor to mitigate damage, thats what makes ES alot harder to do and why i've labellled it as end game/late game


which i've wrote down, maybe switch ur shadow to the life build if u can...ES is super hard and requires the right itemization so yeah i've labelled it as such


that being said its really hard to do a shadow in nem especially cuz they are quite fragile until u get the right gears, i'll write a note about the difficulty of levelling a shadow early with ES, its actually 

pretty damned hard as I did the same and I have about 300 deaths on softcore haha ! XD....that being said most people even on standard/dom usually switch to es when they have the right gear, which is usually about the time they are able to do end game map content


if your still havin trouble, pm me and i'll help you get your guy sorted =D

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Nah I leveled it with life then switched to ES. The build itself has many weak spots when dealing with nemesis mods so spectral throw in general isn't a good nemesis build. You might want to add that in your title. In order to effectively clear library or any nemesis map, you need resolute technique, else you'll have issues with shroud walker and camouflaged predator.

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thats true man i dont play nem currently and when i did i played a marauder


scion is a better choice for nem cuz its more tank and the builds get Resolute ...very few people go shadow on nem/hardcore let alone shadow ST as the class itself has alot more difficulty getting to merciless than most of the common maruader / duelist (whom are alot easier to spec tanky early/mid game which is very desired)


what do both mods do im curious ? 

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Shroud walker basically gives the rare monster the ability to flicker to you and cast Smoke mine on top of you so your accuracy decreases, camouflaged predator is just increased evasion. Also theres a mod that it can't deal with cause its ranged, proximity shield too, the shields that the Undying Evangelist have.

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While I may not be playing on nemesis, the only time I died with this build is when i went afk on dominus fight. Much more solid than many of the other guides I've seen around here.

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