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Auto-pot for Quicksilver Flasks

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Currently I am reworking the Quicksilver script from scratch. The past has taught me that different systems exhibit different pixelcolor locations.Thats why i am looking for someone who would like to help me testing the new script a bit. That is why I am looking for someone to help me a little while to test the script. I hope therefore to be able to eliminate these problems in advance.


If anyone is interested drop me a PM!


Sorry to intrude in your topic Immo, but i've added quicksilver support to my script and i think it's pretty good right now.


You can set up to use When 20+ Charges or 40+ Charges.


It reads from memory if you have a quicksilver equipped, and to what slot.


It uses first the flask who has more Charges.


And you can set up to only use when Moving(Only Moving and not Attacking using skills etc) and for how many seconds to wait on movement to use.


For Example Only Use QuickSilver when Available(20 Charges) and Moving for more than 1.5 seconds! 

(so if you moved for 1 second and then attacked a mob, the timer would reset)


Again, sorry to Intrude.



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It is possible to use 3 flasks not only 2, how change then the script?

 I'm also very interested to know how to increase the number of quiksilver flasks, because 2 is not enough to maintain high speed during all run.

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Not working for me.

I did all the steps mentioned but this is what happens.
Uses 1st charge, 1st charge ends.
Uses 2nd charge, 2nd charge ends.
Fps Drops from 60 to 30 and up-down again on a loop.
This is where the script does nothing else.
PS: Im using steam but i doubt this is the reason.

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