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WTS legacy Gear, Relic Kaoms, Windripper and main account (STD)

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Am selling mirrors and ex in std softcore. 

Got 300ex

Mirrors sold out

Kaoms Heart Legacy relic for sell  ( Open for offers )

Windripper 6L relic legacy  for sell  ( open for offers )

Pm me your offers, Payment through paypal 



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Hey boys, They are still available if anyone want them 

1- Kaoms heart legacy relic Uncorrupted.

2- Windripper Legacy relic 6L uncorrupted.

3- 4 x Windripper double legacy all 6L uncorrupted.

4- 5 x Double Legacy Relic GOLDWYRM NUBUCK BOOTS 30% IIQ


you know the value of the above items. If your interested drop me a PM. 

Am also selling my main account. Details below..

Total STD Char: 11 max level is 98 Ranger Deadeye and all the rest 96 and below.

Total tabs 209,

Currency tabs: 7

Card tabs: 2

Essence: 3

Quad Tabs: 21

Map tabs: 6

Premium tabs: 170

Support packs:

Survivor, Warrior, Minataur, Hydra, Chimera, Phoenix, Breach, Breachlord, Classic, Legacy, Oriath, Outlaw, Legion, Eclipse, Beast, Kitava, Portent, Harbinger, Vagabond, Seeker, Scholar, Redeener, Subjugator, Dominator, Abyssal Imp, Abyssal Lich, Harpy, Alpha Harpy, Manticore, Alpha Manticore, Council, High Council, Conquest, Grand Conquest, Pitfighter, Assasin, Vanguard, Empyrean.

MTZ am not sure how many there are. But if you want a picture I will be more then happy to pm it. There are tones of MTX'S.

Gear wise there are 1000's of items in the tabs. got around 100 6L items. Pictures and names of the item on request. Also some Legacy gear and Some Alt Arts.

Pm for more details.

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