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Banned yet again after only 10 hours of botting

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting repeatedly banned. This time around I only botted a total of 10 hours (5 hours then 4 hour break, then 5 hours) and got banned... Details are as follows

1. Using a purchased account as I only have about 1 hour free every day due to work + study

2. Running low tier maps only

3. Using VPN (PIA), dynamic IP but I hear this isn't an issue

4. Spoofing MAC address

What exactly is getting me banned? All I want to do is generate a small amount of passive income to gear my main character in challenge league. 

Any tips are much appreciated.

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8 часов назад, FuRi сказал:


hi! =)

the main character is not blocked? the main character in the computer as the 2nd window of the bot? the bot was only on a virtual machine, on the computer that the main character?


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