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Found 2 results

  1. Created this thread because I thought it would be helpful to have a single place for the community to share viable builds for EB. The intent is that members provide builds they use or can confirm are working for the current or recent POE version. I will keep the list updated for this league [Perandus] based on any replies, but confirmation from another member will be needed to make sure it is legit. And by viable, I would say be able to run Tier 1-5 maps without dying frequently, at least be able to run Merc Aqueducts or Dry Lake. Please Note: A lot of the unconfirmed builds listed is what I have seen mentioned on the shoutbox or other threads, doesn't mean it viable or is even works now. Please help by adding to the list, cheers. Melee Caster Ranged Totems
  2. Hi everyone I'm having a hard time getting my 5 Aura kinetic blast elemental shadow to work properly, I'm running a LL build with 400 iir//45 IQ. Running Wrath/Herald of lightning/Clarity/Anger and Herald of ice. Appreciate all your helpful inputs