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Found 5 results

  1. Basic Combat Tab Settings

    There are a lot of options to be taken into consideration here. They are the same for all, but how you set each one affects how well your bot will do its job. While you can set the left mouse key to be used as an attack, it is suggested that you set it to be movement only. There is even a box "Is movement skill(BETA) for that and it works well enough. If you intend to use it was an attack, stick to the default weapon attack, or a melee attack of some kind. Right mouse button is the one that your primary (most used) attack will be set up on. If it is a melee weapon you need to take two things into account, one is the weapon range (daggers and shortswords are 9, long swords are 11, and two-handers are usually 12). Those ranges can be increased by gems - one increases melee range by 18. Set your range with those in mind. This could be a ranged attack as with a bow, or spell. Those can be ranged from a min of 0 to a max of 30. With the shift key option used you can set it further. Otherwise, the bot will move closer to be within the actual range of the attack. Middle mouse is your second attack and you'll want to set it a little more specifically than Right mouse. Like what kind of target to use it on, or min monsters in max range (bottom two boxes). QWERT is where I set up auras, buffs, and traps/totems/mines. For Auras you just need one box set up to take care of them all the time: "Aura Name". This is a drop-down list with the known auras in game. Any spell that is always on once you cast it falls under this category and includes "Clarity" "Grace" and many more. Just keep in mind that these reserve a portion of your mana pool - typically 25% each. For combat totems, you need to know how long it lasts. Most totems last for 8 seconds, I've seen one that lasts 12. That is what you need to set the cooldown timer for, and it's based on miliseconds, or 1000th of a second, (i.e. 8000 for those with 8 seconds cooldown). You will also want to set totems to be used based on "Min Monster required in range" which is set to 0 by default, and Min monster required range. For a totem that casts ranged spells, I might set it up as Min monster required in range to 5 (maybe more) and Min Monster required range to 30. What that does is to tell the bot to cast the spell if there are at least 5 mobs within 30 units distance. But, for it to work and not be ignored, you also have to set the priority higher than your primary and secondary attacks. 20 is a good number for that. Your secondary attack might be a strong one that you want used on specific mobs. You can set the "Target Selection" to specify "All" (the default), normal, magic user, rare, or even unique). This might also be a consideration for dropping your totem, mine, etc. If you want to use raise zombie, or such, you will need to have it target corpses. If you're using golems, there's the Minon type drop-down. It is ONLY for golems. Below it is for how many to summon. Unless you have gear that gives you more than 1 golem, leave it as 1. Priority is from highest to lowest. So, if you want to drop a nuke spell or attack under specific conditions, you need to set those conditions and give it a high priority. Your primary attack will be a priority of 1, always. No need to be higher and it should be generic other than min and max ranges. I think that gets to the meat of the subject, but there are portions I have not covered, like charges. Those are further into the game than I have gotten so far and thus I cannot comment on them realistically. Priority is important! Your primary attack should be 1, always. Secondary and others need to be set according to how important they are. If you stick with 1 through 10, with 1 reserved for your primary attack, then you might set your secondary to 2, and so on. The higher the priority the more important it is to be used, IF/when the conditions match. If you have a totem you want to use on Q, but only when it is a Magic or higher level monster, then you could set it to Target select - Magic, and give it a priority of 5. That puts it above your primary attack (at 1) and your secondary (at 2) and anything else <= 4. If two actions have the same priority then the first one gets used. I hope this helps.
  2. Exiled-Bot: A Beginner's Perspective

    Hello, I am aChallenged1. This is the same name I've used on previous bot forms I have been part of. I have used the bots for Everquest, EVE-Online, World of Warcraft, and others. I mention this to make the point that I am new to Exiled-bot, but not to botting. The purpose of this guide is to help others who are new to PoE-Bot and trying to figure it out. The first thing I want to make clear is that I expect the readers to have already gone through the tutorials and made level 2. If you haven't then, please do so, so that you are familiar with the basics of gameplay. I have added images (via IMGUR) at the bottom to show the tabs and settings with items I think are important circled in red. At the time I wrote this, I was using the beta v0.76h. Always use the latest bot version! When there is an update to the bot, you will very likely need to recreate all of your profiles because they do not always work with the newer bot releases. However, from what I've read, your old profiles will be preserved, so you will have something to work from. ***************************************************************************** Supporting software that is required RaZe's "[Compendium]" is a great source of information. It links to various guides as well. Check it out. ***************************************************************************** Location of PoE-Bot's files should be as follows: C:\Exiled Bot Beta v0.76h\Configuration or something close to that. All files you need to edit or add will be found or placed within the folders found there. When you start out, you will only have a Default folder where you can edit files or add to them. Files for the bot that are not "ini" are going to be "ipd" files. The "ipd" files are going to be for the Smart Pickit system and maps. Probably others, but those are the two I know of so far. I personally use NotePad++ for editing most ini and other files. This includes the ipd files for the bot. ***************************************************************************** DirectX 9 *Please be sure you have it updated to the most recent version before you start* Where and how to set it up for the bot -- Start PoE and go to options. It's at the bottom of the tab, so scroll down to the bottom. There are three choices. You want "DirectX 9" the other two will not work. ***************************************************************************** For those who are having issues with the bot not working and the log shows that you're using the wrong DirectX version and the wrong screen settings, there's a fast and easy fix. Find the file "production_Config.ini" which you should find (in Windows systems) under Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\ and make sure that under the Display settings portion (in my case it starts at line 47) look for the line "directx_version=". If it doesn't say, "directx_version=9" then change it to 9, but NOT 9e. After that, you should be able to start the bot and run it successfully. If it doesn't exist, add directx_version=9 in the Display Settings. See example below... [DISPLAY] adapter_name=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 borderless_windowed_fullscreen=false directx_version=9 dx11_antialias_mode=2 dx9_antialias_mode=2 dynamic_resolution_fps=60 fullscreen=false global_illumination_detail=0 light_quality=2 max_PS_shader_model=ps_3_0 max_VS_shader_model=vs_3_0 maximize_window=false post_processing=true resolution_height=600 resolution_width=800 screen_shake=false screenspace_effects=1 screenspace_effects_resolution=0 shadow_type=hardware_7_samples texture_filtering=16 texture_quality=0 use_dynamic_resolution=false vsync=true water_detail=1 ***************************************************************************** Also, while in the options menu - make sure you have the inputs set to default. Changing inputs will either prevent the bot from properly running, or cause it to do things you don't want it to! Immo's inGame Mechanics (in depth) This is a must read if you want to understand how the game mechanics work! ***************************************************************************** Setting up the bot - initial. The best place to start is at the helpful video made by MasterPulha: "How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2018 Edition" - IMO, the video gives you at least 85% of everything you need to get started. But, it won't be ready for significant use. Additional note: when starting the bot it will ask you to hide it and give you a list of processes to choose from. In some cases, it will simply close. If this happens, open the bot again and select a different process. Remember, the bot must be run as Admin. You can change the properties of the shortcut to make this a perminant thing. ***************************************************************************** Main Tab You need to select the client type here for the game. For instance, in my image of the tab I've selected "Steam." The bot will use this to launch the game from the Steam ID. Make sure you chose the version that suits the game you have installed. ***************************************************************************** Map Tab Characters are listed in an Alphanumeric order in the game. You need to make sure that the Character Position indicator points to the correct character starting with "1" as the topmost character and incrementing with each following character as you go. Act and Map - you must tell it where it is going. If you set it up to go to Act 1 / Fetid Pool, it will attempt to first go there via the waypoint system. If you have not yet gotten to the waypoint, it will then take the next closest waypoint. If you have no waypoints, it will then walk and kill along the way. It will grab the waypoints along the way for future use. Personally, I always reset instances as I'm botting for XP, not to do quests - I do those semi-manually. ***************************************************************************** Pickit Tab This is where you set up how your bot will deal with item pickup. The "Smart Pickit Settings" at the top has two installed choices, but you can find others (I've found one) that you can download and add. Adding any additional bot (E.G., jpick_forcesell.ipd) is done by downloading the file and then placing copies in the Pickit sub-folders. If you are just starting and have not made any new profiles, just add it to the Default Profile's Pickit Sub-folder. You do not have to use the "Smart Pickit Settings." If you chose not to use it, you can easily change how the system deals with selling and storing items by editing the pickit config file "pickit.ini" and you can find an example of how to do so here: Pickit Configuration - See Response below OP If you want it to break everything, (E.G., Barrels) this needs to have the range set to something greater than zero. I've set it to 40, to match the Chest range, though that's not the case in the image. ***************************************************************************** Combat Tab Movement and Combat (See Images for Combat Tabs) You need to set up the Combat tab properly to get the most out of the bot. The inputs for mouse seem to work best, from personal experience and comments found on the boards so far, if you have Left Mouse set up for Movement and not combat. The Middle Mouse should be either the basic attack or a secondary attack you only use occasionally. Right Mouse should be your primary attack based on the gem installed. For all combat actions, you need to set up the min and max ranges for everything. That mostly means you need to be aware of your weapon's reach. All weapons reach from a min of 0 in this game. Daggers and Short Swords go to a max range of 9 while two-handed weapons go to 11 (without any range enhancements). Alt mouse-over will show ranges on melee weapons. Bows and spells can easily reach out to 35, but at the low end, they will miss a lot at that range. The same is true of all weapons, actually, so if you're just starting out, set max range a little closer. Totems and Auras seem to work best from the QWERT skills set. See image for Combat Tab Q for an example that I use for a totem. ***************************************************************************** MasterOfSilence responded to a request for help with combat setup using auras, cyclone, and molten strike. It should be helpful with learning to understand how to work with other skills, too. A little help on setting up the combat skills! ***************************************************************************** Flasks Tab I have not made any changes to this, yet. It is too early in the game for me to come up with a better setup than the default one. ****************************************** Alerts - I am not using this tab ATM. ****************************************** Client Tab If you are going to have the bot start the game and log in, you will need to enter the path to the game here. If you are not using Steam, you may also be required to enter your credentials on this tab. ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Side notes: Pickit tab - make sure to enable (check the boxes) for open chests and strong boxes, unless you want to ignore them entirely. Also, the bot does not even touch barrels in the game. You'll also see stash tabs. I would suggest not messing with these until you do some research and actually understand how they work in the bot. Otherwise, you will have some serious problems. On the Main Tab, you may want to check the "level gems automatically" box, the Use Town Portal Scroll box, and the Kill Necromancer box. If you don't, then you will have to upgrade gems manually, and that's a pain. Also, your bot will log out and back in to get back to town, instead of taking a portal. The bot will not insert gems for you, nor will it modify the combat setup when you change a gem, or one is upgraded. You will need to pause the bot (F12) and insert or change gems as needed. A final bit of helpful information, since it took some looking to find it: how to pause the bot. F12 is the game's Screenshot key, and it is the bot's pause button. You will find it virtually impossible to stop the bot once it is running. That's where the F12 key comes in. F11 is there to reload the bot's settings based on the current profile, including changes you've made as it was paused. I haven't used this. Instead, I pause and stop the bot and then make changes and start again (in town). ***************************************************************************** About the Progression checkbox on the Main Tab - It works up to Act 4. There are some things you need to be aware of: It is not perfect so do not walk away from it Pause [F12] it but do not stop and restart If you stop it you need to exit the game to the login screen and start from there - if you don't do this it can act really weird It does not set the passive skills, so you need to do that manually every so often ***************************************************************************** I feel as if I left something out that I had wanted to include. I'll update this when I figure it out. I really hope this helps others.
  3. Hi there, fellow botters, while playing around with the map farming configuration files, I felt the process of editing small bits of it becomes very tedious and frustrating after a bit. Especially for newcomers to bot, it seems overwhelmingly big & complex to configure to one's needs, especially to those who are unfamiliar with reading lines of code. Long story short: I was determined to create a small tool to facilitate the process of editing existing map config files, as well as composing new ones with just a few clicks. The Exiled-Bot Map Config Generator & Editor Features: -create new Map Config files without touching a line of code -easily load & edit existing Map Config files using the GUI -contains every possible configuration option -Map Mods are explained via tooltips in the tool itself -beginner friendly Screenshots: Requirements: -.NET Framework 4.5.2 (or above) Virustotal analysis: The code of this tool has been reviewed, checked & approved for release by @alkpone Any feedback is highly appreciated! Happy botting, B3L1AN Exiled-Bot Map Config Generator & Editor.zip
  4. exiled bot einstellen

    hey leute, ich habe mir für den exiledbot nen key erworben habe dann den bot v0.75e gezogen und installiert dann starte ich den bot dan hat er nen process zum auswählen: pid:1548 TabTip32.exe dies ist der einzige der in der liste erscheint. denn nur poe ist offen ich gehe dann auf attach dann startet sich das programm soweit. ich stelle dann ein email passwrot wo gelevelt bzw gefarmt werden soll logge mich als elite user ein. will dann auch bot starten klicken aber der bot macht einfach nichts. was muss ich tun ? ich bitte um schnelle antwort zeit ist geld
  5. Sup guys, I was asked several times about my build and i will share some basics with you - But this is not any "stop think, just ask thread" so please think before asking questions Base This is a super aggressive and effective build - Most monsters, even rares are oneshot, Bosses at walls: oneshot. However, it will die, sometimes even 20-30 times in 16 hours. But watch this monster clearing areas and you won't say anything against it. Class: Shadow Level: 85 Area: Maps 68-73 (Aqueduct if Maps are empty) DPS: 44.000 Tooltip (In a well placed corner, it would be around 900.000 theoretically max DPS - Walls are your best friends) Life: 3500 IIR/IIQ: 80/15 Critchance: 85-90% with Charges Loot: 2-10ex in Items and Currency, 16 hours on warband (Got some bugs, new results come in some days) Gear Everthing in priority, first is more important. And it's experimential, not final yet. Must have: Piscators Vigil (Good Roll), Tabula Rasa. Nice to have: Rats nest, Maligaros Virtuositiy (You can use Sadimas Touch, too). Rings: Flat Ele Damage, Resi, Life, Weapon Elemental Damage Belt: Lots of Resi, Life Boots: Movementspeed, Lots of Resi, Life Amulett: Flat Ele Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage, Critchance, Critmulti Shield: +2 Levels of Lightning gems for Wraith + Herold of Thunder, Life, Res Skills It's not final. But it works very well. Single & Multi Attack: Kinetic Blast + Increased Rarity + Lifeleech + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Power Charge on Critical + Weapon Elemental Damage CWDT: Bloodrage + Assasins Mark Auras: Wraith + Herald of Thunder Golem: Ice Golem Skilltree Its for the old patch, but you should be able to think abit around the corner, nothing changed really https://www.poebuilder.com/character/AAAAAgYAAx4FtQYjBx4JoA5ID8QRlhSwFr8ZihnXGo8fQSLqJpUqCy9vMHE2PTpCO3w_c0V8SVFLV0t4VUtd8mHiYqxjQ2yMbOdtbG8Ib55wUnC7cNVzcHcHf8aCHoMJhxOIQohbidOMC4w2j_qTlZUul5eaYZu1nKSdqp-IoqOly60zsAu0OLVIuMq5fL7uwOPB88JzwzrHyslEykrN6s5w1CPZE92o5RnndOjW6xTsGOyw8NXxs_Pq9tr7Cfv1rEdRTH1bSsg_JypNtfJuqti9NZL-Cv6P Setup It's still experimential, cause some things don't work atm, like Bloodrage... Combat: 40 Attackrange (Otherwise can stuck), 25 Saferange, Kiterange: 20, 250ms Movement Golem: Ice Golem, prio 3 Leftclick: Kinetic Blast, prio 2 Auras: Wraith, Herald of Thunder, prio 4&5 Bloodrage: Tested everthing, doesn't work (Read the forum thread already, didn't helped) Flasks Think about improvements, but it runs like a charme. 1 Lifeflask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Bleeding - regular cooldown 2 Lifeflask - Insta Recovery, Remove Frozen - 100ms cooldown 3 Movementspeed - 30% Increased Movement, Recharge on Crit - 4000ms cooldown, XXX variation 4 Mana Flask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Curse - 500ms cooldown 5 Mana Flask - Recharge on Crit, Remove Burning - 500ms cooldown A deep discussion, with compares would be wonderfull! Your turn bro: Don't forgett to give me +1