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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, fellow botters, while playing around with the map farming configuration files, I felt the process of editing small bits of it becomes very tedious and frustrating after a bit. Especially for newcomers to bot, it seems overwhelmingly big & complex to configure to one's needs, especially to those who are unfamiliar with reading lines of code. Long story short: I was determined to create a small tool to facilitate the process of editing existing map config files, as well as composing new ones with just a few clicks. The Exiled-Bot Map Config Generator & Editor Features: -create new Map Config files without touching a line of code -easily load & edit existing Map Config files using the GUI -contains every possible configuration option -Map Mods are explained via tooltips in the tool itself -beginner friendly Screenshots: Requirements: -.NET Framework 4.5.2 (or above) Virustotal analysis: The code of this tool has been reviewed, checked & approved for release by @alkpone Any feedback is highly appreciated! Happy botting, B3L1AN Exiled-Bot Map Config Generator & Editor.zip
  2. Upgrading Maps

    Hello, im new. Can u tell me what to do, to chcange that my bot is running only on normal maps. How to make bot to upgrade every map it runs to magic rare ?
  3. Hi, I really think bot needs it, really needs it. I was not botting since v 0.60b, and my chicken escapes were a 10%, now are 30%. Same char, same build, same maps tier. I think, the optimal would be set which maps do you want to avoid arena in maps ipd config file Sorry for my english. Thanks, regards.
  4. The bot is still stashing UNID maps, ignoring the mods filter (because it can't see the mods on a UNID map), and running them (which kills my build more often than not). Please prioritize this fix.
  5. Hi there, Been giving mapping a go today. The bot would do really well, until it fills its inventory up and then it would summon a portal, use it, go back to hideout, identify items and then use the portal back into the map. Once in the map it uses the portal back into the hideout. It does this until all portals are used up and then it goes to sell items and then fetches another map. Why is it doing this constant portal use to waste the maps?
  6. shortcut's

    i would like to have some shortcuts: f10 for "stop/break after current map/run"...or after stashing - maybe with: f12 to continue f9 for "set current map/run as finished"... even if it is not clear also this one would be fine but i know thats hard to realize: f8 for toggle "accept groupe invites"... by chars specified at GUI or file.. to follow bot manually (help full after chicken or dc) f7 for toggle break in Hideout if latency is >300 for more than 60 sec maybe more suggestion by community? greetings
  7. I like only running maps that I roll, I've set up rules to run only them. When finished, it would be nice to have an option for bot to either quit, close poe, or just idle indefinitely. I used to use a scheduler a year ago or more that I think Immo made but is not available anymore. I thought maybe changing profile where it just idles after a minute for duration of 8 hours would be a fix, but it would still need to be triggered by the finishing of the maps. Any ideas or work arounds would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi, this is Veel, First of all thx for this fantastic bot and sorry for my english. I have some ideas than might help bot to be even better 1.- Looting option: I like to loot rare items, but i don't want to boot shield, i think it could be interesting if once activate loot rare, a popup windows appears an there select wich type of items do you want to loot ( amu, ring, shield,, etc...) 2.- running maps: I think it could be very interesting if the bot could run selected maps stored in a user defined stash tab. 3.- I think it could be very interesting to get some statics, i mean more structured, ( how many chaos, alts, ... , rare boots, amus,... , unique rings, swords,......), and experience gained, and the choice to download that information as an excel file. this way we could make our own statics for each of our players and so decide where to lot. 4.- Get Focus: This is a particular issue, but maybe more people could take advantage from it. I leave my pc booting at home while i am working outside and sometimes i connect via teamviewer to see if everything is working fine. The problem is that when i leave Teamvier 5.- vendor for chaos. I think it would be interesting an option to store rare items until you get a complete set and then sell to the vendor for chaos rune. . thx for considering, Veel