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Found 33 results

  1. exiled bot einstellen

    hey leute, ich habe mir für den exiledbot nen key erworben habe dann den bot v0.75e gezogen und installiert dann starte ich den bot dan hat er nen process zum auswählen: pid:1548 TabTip32.exe dies ist der einzige der in der liste erscheint. denn nur poe ist offen ich gehe dann auf attach dann startet sich das programm soweit. ich stelle dann ein email passwrot wo gelevelt bzw gefarmt werden soll logge mich als elite user ein. will dann auch bot starten klicken aber der bot macht einfach nichts. was muss ich tun ? ich bitte um schnelle antwort zeit ist geld
  2. Steam version not Working

    The mouse is simply locked in the upper right corner of the screen. Plz i need help :/
  3. Hi, I recently got the idea to use my experience in Path of Exile to earn money. I have two questions, how many bots do I need to buy so that my farm can earn anything? Apparently I should collect chaos orbs and process them on exalted orbs, from some lowest currency worth collecting? 5 $ per day satisfies me at the beginning. If I buy more bots, is there any discount? Will there be any promotions?
  4. What to do now?

    Hello guys. I will take responsibility to make another topic about this banwawe situation. The most important question for me now is can i continue botting at another accounts or i should stop it before bot update or somethink else? i was lucky, i lost only 1 account (with gear close to 100 ex), but idk what to do now. Give me a tip maybe...
  5. Hi, currently the Bot is not working properly for me. Bots starts, i can change settings, but when i start the Bot to play for me, it closes unexpectely. Nothing in the Logs: 2018-06-02 00:33:06 [info] -> Bot started 2018-06-02 00:33:06 [info] -> alerts.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\alerts.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:06 [info] -> config.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\config.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> coordinates.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\coordinates.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> flasks.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\flasks.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> pickit.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\pickit.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> skills.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\skills.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> system.ini file loaded from C:\Bots\Exiled Bot Beta v0.75b\Configuration\SwordMaster\system.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> game.ini file loaded from C:\Users\Mark Paspirgilis\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\production_Config.ini 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [info] -> Area switched from none to The Twilight Strand -------------------------------- 2018-06-02 00:33:07 [timer] -> World update took: 0 ms And the Link to Discord seems to not work for me either I get redirected to https://discordapp.com/invite/0yPMS218NErLypa4 Thanks for you help, kind regards, Mark Paspirgilis
  6. Does anyone of u know a currency flipping bot, that is working with poe.trade?
  7. Exile bot

    Hi everybody, I would like to now if this bot gets updates very often and still works in current path .
  8. Bot beta

    Hi, i was thinking... when u gonna finish the beta version of the bot, Thanks.
  9. Hello, Bot Questions

    Hello, I purchased the bot a day or two at most before the patch released and now it isn't working 100% since the new patch. Will I get days reimbursed on my subscription or are these days counted towards my status? If the latter could I at least know about how long it takes to get an update because currently the bot is running the same as before the patch running 0.72j but it seems to bug out on attacking bosses and stops and starts to loot things around and will eventually leave the area.. the other concern I see is that it will start alting.. trying to find an item maybe but the cursor will just go up the screen slowly and reset and go down slowly. It seems to get stuck here and stop working completely when this happens making it impossible to AFK. Previously, I did not have any of these issues before the patch. Any insight would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Can u handle bitcoin Donations?

    I am just wondering if I could pay with bitcoin the donation since I am not able to use the Credit Card to use this, I might be the only one requesting it but its very simple and easy to use, besides BTC is the coin of the future =D Thanks for reading and Please reply me! Att: A Bot Lover (Without bot) xD Edit: My bad.... Didnt check you alrdy do! Good Jod! Donating now!
  11. Hi there, i don't know what i'm doing wrong but my bot tries to attack my own golem all the time! I recorded a video about it where you can also see the mouse clicks that were done: This video was done with 0.72PHa4 (but i had this problem even with older 0.72 versions (never used older versions then 0.72) Is there some configuration i'm missing? I also tried to turn off the Life-Bar for minions but same result Thank you, vigaro
  12. So. The feature is realy easy and I think easy to make. First of all, GGG is tracking number of failed logins - if bot is trying to log in, but for example IP was changed or PoE see that your login location is changed a bit, you can be flagged easly because bot is trying to log in maaaaaaaany times. Can we get something that will alarm us that bot get stuck in login screen? For example if character selection is failing, bot should stop after 5th attempt or should wait another 1-2 minutes, for example when internet will back up. OFC some people are using static IP, and some of them are not or simply ISP is dropping connection sometimes. We have cool feature for HAAAALEEEELUUUUYAAAAAH when something important drops or master is visable, so maybe we could get this:
  13. Free version

    Фри версию программы убрали? не находит страницу на форуме
  14. You know, I have a small site albionmall.com that offering albion online silver for the playes, and there are 4 guys on my team, we used to generate albion silver by handwork, I chance upon this bots forum, so I want to ask that is there bots for Albion Online game??? Please reply
  15. 最強的PokemonGO外掛_CrazyBot 又有更新囉^v^ 加入了超炫手錶推播功能和超棒孵蛋頁面 (支援二代Pokemon GO) 小妹現在最期待的就是CrazyBot的更新,真的愈來愈多功能了,光是孵蛋管理頁面就這麼美,趕快一起加入CrazyBot吧,寶可夢真好玩。 超棒孵蛋頁面 手機上也會推播通知 (抓到Pokemon、用戶等級提升、孵蛋...) 手錶上也會通知(好炫) CrazyBot特點: - 超棒的控制頁面 - 支援最新API, 可以完全不會遇到擾人的機器人 - 支援二代Pokemon GO - 支援到251隻Pokemon - 支援所有新的背包物品 - 支援Mac OS, Windows - 有最新的反被Ban技術 - 驗證碼機制 - 可讓你輕鬆達到LV40 - 驚人的A.I 技術幫我們抓Pokemon - 自動孵蛋, 抓Pokemon, 進化等功能 - 支援多國語言 - 自動背包管理 - 支援Pushbullet APP在手錶上獲取通知 (抓到Pokemon、用戶等級提升、孵蛋通知...) - 支援Googlemap - 更棒的孵蛋管理頁面 - Auto bypass softban 想要了解更多的細節可到他們官網看一下: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/ Download BOT: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/files/ 趕快去他們Forum註冊,一起和小妹體會CrazyBot,就可以知道我在說什麼 ps.軟體登入帳密=他們網站註冊帳密 如果覺得文章不錯,幫小妹推個文鼓勵一下吧
  16. Hello, is there a way to get the stats of an item? if i post the item in chat and copy it befor posting i do get the full name and by using /itemlevel i do get the item level. is there a way how i can get the stats of an item thats in my inventory or on my cursor? how do i find the memory pointer to it? this is my first post here sorry if its the wrong subforum to ask.
  17. v0.55h Bot STUCK after stashing

    After the bot runs an arena and goes stashing, and after the items are succesfully stashed, the bot tries to move without closing the stash and the inventory, it keeps trying to click inside the stash, so it cannot contineu boting.
  18. Created this thread because I thought it would be helpful to have a single place for the community to share viable builds for EB. The intent is that members provide builds they use or can confirm are working for the current or recent POE version. I will keep the list updated for this league [Perandus] based on any replies, but confirmation from another member will be needed to make sure it is legit. And by viable, I would say be able to run Tier 1-5 maps without dying frequently, at least be able to run Merc Aqueducts or Dry Lake. Please Note: A lot of the unconfirmed builds listed is what I have seen mentioned on the shoutbox or other threads, doesn't mean it viable or is even works now. Please help by adding to the list, cheers. Melee Caster Ranged Totems
  19. If you have a shop ppl will constantly PM you about your stuff. This can be dangerous if you are botting, they can report you. I always use /dnd (some text) when I'm botting, the problem is that this "expires" on relog. It would be nice to see a feature that the bot would /dnd (specified text) after every relog. This is how I imagine it, simple and I think it shouldn't be hard to implement If you only thick the box the bot will simply use /dnd If you write something in the box the bot will write /dnd (your tex)
  20. Updated pickit

    I'm currently not monitoring this thread so please head over there: https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/7679-the-pickit-thread/ Some of you might already read about my work in progress about making the smart pickit better. (https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/5038-workmaking-the-pickit-more-deep-and-making-the-bot-more-efficent/#entry29077) This is let's say the Alpha version of what I want to accomplish, I will be updating this topic as the development goes. Please note that I changed _a lot_ of things and couldn't test the most of it. If you can't monitor the bot or take the chances something can be messed up DO NOT try it just yet. If you feel you can afford testing it any feedback or input is greatly appreciated and I'd like you to post them in THIS topic Change the file type from txt to ipd (I was not allowed to upload ipd files) default03.txt What's new: Generally made comment everywhere so less experienced users may get an idea of what they are actually doing. Made a bookmark to somewhat know, where you are in the pickit. Gonna update it to be direct linked as soon as I can make it so the bot won't get messed because of it. Added all divination card (even the ones not in the game yet) Added a new section: Maps. You can either take all map or configure yourself which ones to take. By default all maps are taken. Maps are divided into level categories. Updated the "chancing" list. Added a new section: Whites. This selection contains high ItemLevel and good base items like ItemLevel 82 white Harbinger Bow. This list is to be expanded in the future. Added a new section: Magic Craft. This selection makes the bot to pick up MAGIC items and keep the ones can be good for crafting. For now only high flat phys or high phys % Harbinger or +3 gem Maraketh bows are picked. This list is to be greatly extended in the future. Added section for Jewels. Fixed the problem that made the bot to pick up non-quality gems. All jewel types with possible rarities are listed. Updated the unique list to include 2.0 uniques, maps and demigod items. Full list with all unique items, different lines for different uniques with the same base, so it can be fully configured. What to come: Enhanced chromatic farming. More white and magic items as soon as I collect enough data to know which ones are valuable. Full list with all unique items, different lines for different uniques with the same base, so it can be fully configured. Reworked list of rare items, about 60% less garbage pick up. This was my main goal but I need Alkpones help first to implement a [Key] which would make it 80% more easy. This is a work in progress as I'm already in contact with him about this. Hope I'll be able to do it as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and I hope this can help a lot of you (especially in the future). Please write bug report / feedback after using it. Cheers. V 0.3 Added the new divination cards. Added gabbagabba's suggestions. (Few rare line, spelling errors.) V 0.2 Added [Category] == "Flask" && [Quality] == "20" # [sellItem] == "true" /// Glassblower's Bauble farm Added the remaining Gems, Thanks pipo Done with the Uniq part, took 6+ hours but finally it's here There CAN BE ERRORS. I just Finished this, so use it at your own risk. If someone could check it I would really appreciate it. Problems may include (missing "" at values, wrong direction < >, spelling errors (all of these are unlikely because I paid attention, but we are humans...) ) It needs TESTING. At some place (especially at the accessory part) I used [mods] that hasn't been used before. These might be wrong (only if alk could check them ) The uniq items are divided into categories, and listed alphabetically according to their BASE. (except accessories) The uniq part is approx 550 line up from ~~ 200 Added all uniq I could (3 different database, even some not in game yet). Still there CAN be missing ones. Please report if you find any. Distinguished all uniq from each other (with few exception). This means you can set different rules for items with the same base Example: [Type] == "Sapphire Ring" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [maximum_mana_+%] == "20" && [stashItem] == "true" //Dream Fragments [Type] == "Sapphire Ring" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [base_fire_damage_resistance_%] >= "25" && [stashItem] == "true" //Pyre [Type] == "Sapphire Ring" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [local_maximum_added_cold_damage] >= "5" && [stashItem] == "true" //Tasalio's Sign To get this work: Find this 2 lines under the "unique items section" Comment out ( // ) this line [Rarity] == "Unique" # [stashItem] == "true" // Keep all unique, comment this line if you want the bot to sell unique not defined in this file Enable this line (delete // ) [Rarity] == "Unique" # [sellItem] == "true" // Sell all unique that aren't defined in the pickit (be careful with recently added uniques) By default, every uniq is kept If you want the bot to sell / not to pick up an item comment out the line of the item like this: Keeping "Dream Fragments" [Type] == "Sapphire Ring" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [maximum_mana_+%] == "20" && [stashItem] == "true" //Dream Fragments Selling "Dream Fragments" // [Type] == "Sapphire Ring" && [Rarity] == "Unique" # [maximum_mana_+%] == "20" && [stashItem] == "true" //Dream Fragments Changelog: The working one is the first one bellow default03.txt default02.txt default01.txt default0.txt
  21. I've been using the bot for a week now on its 0.30d version and i noticed it randomly get stuck in town when trying to sell items. For some reason it grabs my 3rd flask and then is stuck because it tries to sell or stash items with the flask already grabbed. It even sold the flask to NPC once which solved my problem lol.. now i'm playing with no flask in 3rd slot to avoid this bug.
  22. Steam patch?

    When there will be a patch or an update for the steam version? or can you say me how i can play this game without steam but i dont want to download it again
  23. Hi. I'm playing Ranger with Bow, I've tried to configure bot so it will attack with 2nd skill if there are at least 2 enemies close to each other and with 1st skill if enemies are far away to each other, but didnt succeed: Also, I have a question: Is it possible to configure the bot so it will run from enemy if its closer than, lets say, 200 range? Because in most cases my hero dies by melee attackers.
  24. Suggestion : Bot always uses a augmentation orb on the map it transmutes. I'm sure this can be coded in easily when the script executes , " If you want to transmut maps before running them [Rarity] == "Normal" # [upgradeToMagic] == "true" " Is there any drawbacks?