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  1. Map name detection in Map IPD

    Try Type == "Dried Lake" # RunMap == "False" Havent tested it, but give it a go?
  2. This should be fixed soon xD
  3. Looks pretty good so far. I have downloaded it, but not yet tested it. Would go nicely hand in hand with my upcoming program
  4. Semi-Levelling Bot

    You can make scripts that will change zones according to character level. It's pretty easy really - Can even make it based on time if you can't read the character level. Like run 30 minutes ledge normal, then move to do 1 hour of forest, then 1 hour of sarn, 1 hour of docks etc.
  5. problem with payment

    Contact paypal?
  6. Bug List

    There's a reason the bot gets updates. The version you're using is old. Newest version is 0.18c with a 0.19 RC version. Reporting bugs for older versions is like... A waste? I could go report that version 0.01a does not work with maps lol. Test with the newest version, and come back and report the bugs if they're still there.
  7. try changing min monster required range to 100 on the curse
  8. List your other skills, and their priority
  9. Where can I get bot source code?

    If you want to show your worth, and maybe get on the good side with the developers, start by NOT asking for the source code of a non-open source project. After completing step 1, try programming something that would benefit the bot, or the community, release it for use. Basically, i'm sure that Alk wouldn't mind a helping hand, but you'd need to show what you can do, and this is before getting any source code whatsoever. Look through the bot, find stuff that could be improved, then code it in C++ as an MFC Application, and upload source code, and PM Alk about it. If he likes it, he may add you on Skype, and you can discuss further
  10. Setting skill ranges - a visual aid

    If you have ever designed a game that runs on a 3d grid like PoE, it wouldn't come as a surprise It comes with certain challenges of course, but it makes sense
  11. Setting skill ranges - a visual aid

    If any of this info comes as a surprise for anyone (the coords), they should get back their money from the (not so) fancy school they attended Jokes aside, very nice explanation nontheless! I think some people will benefit from this
  12. Since they would be reading an ever changing source, they would need to ask permission every single time they'd want to check. A lot of countries have different rules regarding this, and this is also why most if not all developers do not do this, at least for commercial uses. It's far too much trouble to regard every countries rules. If you ever wanna get into developing stuff for commercial use, you'd better read up on stuff - You'll hurt yourself if you don't xD
  13. Maybe in their own country, but they'd be breaking my countrys rules even if its stated in their TOS. It would need to ask me "Would you like Path of Exile to perform a memory scan to look for malicious software?" Yes/No - Otherwise, they're not allowed, and they would be facing quite severe consequences. So, even if they put that in their TOS, no
  14. This. If GGG was looking at memory, they'd be breaking about a dozen federal offenses, in their own country alone. Where i live, you're doomed if you do something like that, like.. literally.. the rest of your life will be lived on old bread and water
  15. Its fine xD Just wanted some feedback on it xD