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  1. VPN 1 IP per bot. Assistance required.

    Best I have seen now is (6$): http://www.bestproxyandvpn.com/
  2. VPN 1 IP per bot. Assistance required.

    No one said that its cheap lol. As I said its very expensive, there will prolly no vpn under 5$ (5$ would be realy cheap).
  3. question about pickit file

    The op wrote more rules... The bot checks all rules, till one rule is true if none is true it will sell the item. At op yea it works like you wrote it will stash it because of the 3. rule.
  4. The bot stucks at character selection screen

    Or he is using the steam client :s
  5. VPN 1 IP per bot. Assistance required.

    Your server has only 1 ip no one can get lol. Well but yea therer are some providers look here (But that would mean only 1 bot per vpn account): http://bestvpn.eu/best-static-ip-vpn-providers/ Oh well it seems like you do not really what a vpn is. You should read something about vpns in general first before even using one.
  6. VPN 1 IP per bot. Assistance required.

    Buy a cheap server and do it by yourself lol.
  7. The bot doesn't appear to be working

    You are doing something wrong lol.
  8. Bot Stuck @ Reading Clickable Area Lore

    run_max_time=108000 for the start change that to 800 And ye sometimes the bot is stucked there.
  9. Bot Vendoring Uniques

    Delete all your unique lists in your bot or comment them out.
  10. bot shoots invisible enemies

    Just lower the maximum range. He will go closer to the mob and it will appear. Should be 300 max range or something tested it a while back
  11. Works like a charm for me D: Nice work you have done there!