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  1. trade 25+ currency issue

    GGG thinks you created too many accounts on the same IP and are acting suspiciously... Also, different IP on the same browser without clearing cookies will also auto flag your account. They will ask you what other accounts you have and the City where you create them. Sometimes they will unlock it, but it's flagged already.
  2. this bot is safe?

    .. too late Print screened and posted on Reddit .. welcome to the internet.
  3. ืnot support windows xp

    I tired many version of windows xp .. it doesn't work. just get a lite version of windows 7 .. they run on 1gb ram and any crap cpu.
  4. hello i am lay

    Thanks lay. Cya soon
  5. how to set up bot using Hyper-V Virtual machine?

    This was the only useful information i could find, many many mnay people failed trying exacly the same. a video I have never tried Hyper V, cant really help you. Good luck
  6. heart icon in shoutbox

    This topic touched my tiny feelings .. show us some love developers <3
  7. POE Window Position

    For a VM using 1024x768 resolution like using it like this. Game window in bottom left Bot in top right.
  8. POE Window Position

    You can place it anywhere you want. - Start Bot - F12 - Place windows anywhere you want - F12 - Be happy
  9. Main target

    Yeah, by default, should always give priority to either rares or elite mobs to avoid issues.
  10. whose ass got banned last night?

  11. whose ass got banned last night?

    6 IP banned in Europe private vpn, ip not dedicated 2 IP banned in USA private vpn, ip not dedicated but only 1 Account Banned .. lvl 35 mule
  12. WTB 10 exalted orb

    pm me
  13. Stash

    Hi! Yup there is a reason, its called wrong version Get latest version here -
  14. This week saw: Thor: The Dark World Ender's Game Gravity Thor is a pos .. baaaad Ender is ok .. Gravity its a nice movie.