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  1. Please, tell me: - what zone do you farm (maybe ilevel is too low for chaos?), - do you have any rare section in your pickit (if you use unmodified standard, then probably yes), - what is the meaning of life universe and everything else If your answer for 2nd question is yes, then you need to comment rare sections in pickit file because probably they are interacting with chaos recip.
  2. Breach Money Maker - Cheap and Easy

    Great money-maker, but not playable in terms of map and end-game content. It work fine if you need currency-generating character for the main char or just for money.
  3. Level Bot

    This build's Leveling section can be helpful: From my experience: - rush forward (try to never be on the map under your current level), - do only Passive Points and mandatory quests, - follow the build-plan, - if this is not your main character, use gear from the main if possible (garbage uniqs are not always garbage from leveling up perspective), - if you have clear plan for build, buy needed items when you hit the requirments.
  4. Path of maps & PoeHUD

    Main bot (and botting) purpose is to produce income. Using it in connection with casual play is not the main objective of the bot, so it (probably) will not use PoM. As for poeHUD - if poeHUD is not opensource (or open-code in any other legal way), it would be difficult to make it part of ExiledBot. As for personal macros - what would you like it to do (what bot does not)? Again - casual botting is not the main purpose of the bot. It is not an ill-will of dev-team, but simple reaction to demands of people, who can use bot for farming money and pay the price for quality product (and quality is not only safety, but also - with efficiency).
  5. Mapping. Power leveling.

    Configuration files, not scripts. If you are talking about scripts, search for Autopot. Bot is a form of automation for the game. From the user perspective - you team it using configuration. Part of configuration is presented in form of menu and general user interface. Second part (like pickit, map configuration, etc...) is too complicated to be presented in such a manner. I see what you expect, but at the moment you need to do some work by yourself to power level (eg. unlock content, difficulties, etc...) or mapping (this is easier - with unlocked content, simple build, you can use bot with proper map configuration to make it possible to map efficiently).
  6. Set/View Hotkeys

    +1 Just got here... because I was looking for information about the... PLOT TWIST! hotkeys!
  7. Chromatic Recipe...

    You have to use min 30s timespan to not get banned. Using specific item forced drop will get you ban-hammered fast. Use random unique with min 30s timespan (I use 2600s now and no bans). Chromatics script does not work after the latest update, thay have removed "colour" keywords.
  8. Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Your Anus BANNED

    That was not a question. That was a good practice. But thank you for expanding the matter for other players. I was a bot-hunter in my old days - making bot "real" is as important as technical safety.
  9. Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Your Anus BANNED

    Another tip: Make your account history human. Socialize. Add some friends, chat or just monitor trades/global chat.
  10. How to sell?

    Pickit file can be found in ./Bot_dir/Configuration/Pickit/default.ipd file. You can open it using any text editor (Notepad++ preferable, and set syntax to C++). Inside you can find a short explanation how does it work. If you need more - you can find many answers in Elite forum (1ex pickit for example). Remember, that if you use SmartPick, you should disable some pickit options, like "pick all rares" etc... Second thing - if bot keeps picking up trash, check if the "Key-pickup" option is turned on.
  11. Banned? Post your experience/Situation here. (For science!)

    Any socializing? Friends, chatting, guild member, playing in party with other players? I'm still convinced that GGG looks up players "history" to confirm that something is wrong with account.
  12. Exiled Insurance v0.1

    After about 5h of testing with different configurations and on different machines all I can say - well done! I did not found any bugs. Big ++ for coding this in AHK... yeah, I agree that it is a work in the depth of hell...
  13. Thing to be said next, but the last time: bot has problem with targeting minions. It will try to attack minions, so - skeletons shrine will block him for a while. The best option is to use proper idle time or use "no shrines".
  14. @nolifero This is not connected directly to the script - I've observed this kind of behaviour while using auto-flask scripts. I didn't see this kind of effect without using AHK scripts. So this is probably AHK - but need to be checked. Try to observe if this occurs without the scripts.
  15. Banned? Post your experience/Situation here. (For science!)

    Flag accounts that can be botters or ban them - one thing. Avoid false-positives is another. This is business, so (as it was said here many times) 1 false-positive is worse then 100 botters out from the game. I agree with Trample that some things are characteristic for botting acc, but still - there isn't a good way to automate the banning process. Their nightmare can be account where you play normally and use bot. They get "botting-warnings", but when they analyse the case - there is much human-like actions like talking with guildmates and friends, making new frends, trading, etc... In that kind of situation they need a hard proof that you are botting. This is something that in military is called asymmetric warfare - they need lots of work to find botters, but botters can achieve their goals with minimal work.