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  1. Give us an option to pause the bot/notify/return to town if a red beast in our config is spotted. I believe there's a chicken on specific monster spotted option on the "main" tab of the bot. Can that be modified to do the suggestion above? Some of the red beasts are worth more than 1 exalts
  2. need mf picket for t1-t5 maps

    why are you looking for rares with a mf build? do chaos recipe
  3. give option to have one or more specific nets in inventory instead of stashing them all this will allow us to easily farm low level beasts or higher if good DPS, red beasts for unique items specifically the net skill can be used like normal skills - just set it to spam V key every 100 MS
  4. it's to augment my spectre summoner with auras
  5. i can't make a bob in ssf too risky
  6. i don't see an option specific to animate guardian i know i can set it to cast on an interval of like 60 sec but there's a prob if he cast on an item the guardian will override whatever i had on him i suggest to make an option to resummon animate guardian ONLY at hideout
  7. Bot stuck in Boss Room

    set completion to 120%
  8. CURRENCY picked

    this FUCKING GGG didn't give enough bottom slots in their premium currency tabs for new orbs
  9. Which maps to ignore ? "list"

    just run maps with wide open areas and no transitions to multiple levels save yourself the trouble inefficient layouts = pyramids, palaces, tunnels, some caves, armouries, area with steps or ledges, lever to bosses
  10. Which maps to ignore ? "list"

    best result is running open area map tiles like oasis/lakes
  11. Giving up on exiled bot

    item filter doesn't fix the issue it doesn't remove items , only hides them the bot still gets stuck trying to pick stuff up due to tons of drops on the ground
  12. Vortex w/ Trap Support broken?

    does adding a cooldown to the skill work? i don't think traps are supported try using a simpler skill to bot such as earthquake or flickerstrike or firestorm
  13. ya i observed bot attacking air many times during the week it attacks monsters that it already killed
  14. Flasks not working for CI (Except Quicksilver)

    bot doesn't remove freeze for me maybe status removal doesn't work for granite set it as a skill and use it for rare+
  15. New here have a few question, if that's cool.

    farming dried lake is pretty good mapping is very clunky as about 50% of the maps you will either get stuck or not go into boss rooms and therefore losing map to timeout or loss of boss drops if you wonna map i recommend maps with wide open areas like dried lake layouts i recommend a life based melee build like EQ or flicker strike