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  1. works great.. thanks.. wish there was less of a pause inbetween shouts.. but that is probably needed to prevent them from blocking you for spam i am guessing?
  2. Vaal chests

    do you have "open chest" checked on your pick settings? i have mine set to 95% clear and i open the boxes just fine
  3. Hey i need help to get my bot running

    what version are you running? are you using the one with the link at the top of the chatbox? do you have the correct version marked.. ? normal vs garena?
  4. Dont whant to sell

    i suppose if you turned off Smart Picket.. and then checked the boxes you want in normal pickit settings.. but you better babysit your bot, cause you stash is going to fill quick..
  5. immo.. this is awesome.. i do have a problem when i receive a pm.. i get a popup that says: Error: The same variable cannot be used for more than once control. Specifically: v_pmauthors Line# 336: GUI, Add, DropDownList, x21 y300 w130 v_pmauthors, %ListPm% The current thread will exit I restarted both the bot and the tradespammer... it happens the instant i receive the PM. ^^ dunno why.. but that stopped happening.. however the gui bottons for reply , invite to party etc dont work for me
  6. i had this problem when i copied my old config folder into the new bot, cause i was lazy.. i redownloaded the bot and used the correct files.. and it worked fine.. did you do the same?
  7. Banned

    i have been botting 24/7 since september.. one account.. no vpn.. it is my main.. i trade.. i even sell on d2jsp.. never had any issues..
  8. In The Furute...

    i would think not.. because you want your bots to all have different IP addresses
  9. Was banned, Botting Not sure

    i would be more suspect on the 30 second log-ins and out than cheat engine
  10. Your best drop with bot?

    2 eternals, 3 or 4 exalteds.. one bot.. running since this dominion ladder season
  11. clicking guild stash

    happening to me as well.. with the .13 bot.. i have never seen before and does not happen with the rc4 bot
  12. Nice idea !! bool ItemSeller::NeedToSellItem(InventoryItemObjectPtr item) { bool sellItem = false; // If it's a currency just don't sell it if(item->GetItemData()->GetItemType() == ITEM_CURRENCY) return false; ... and maps!.. i went to bot a map.. and had 2 in my stash.. and when i pressed f12, he went to vendor and sold both my maps... today i added all the map names to my pickit
  13. thats interesting. i will have to keep an eye on mine.. i never gave it a thought to the portal location. i thought it was something about taking too much time to get to town.
  14. Closed

    point of going elite is a donation. i have spent hours writing simple scripts, i could only imagine the amount of hours and research they developers put into writing and keeping this bot up to date. 20 bucks to use the bot is a very small price to pay. on another note.. the sarn town bug has been a problem for a while. i know they are aware of it. i created a script in the forum that will exit the game and restart the game and bot if he decides to loop up around the vendor area. i have let my bot run 24/7 for since dominion and have had no problems.