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  1. Menu, Tray, Icon, quicksilver.bmp loop { IfWinActive, Path of Exile { ImageSearch, posx, posy, 5, 25, 210, 60, *30 hatred.bmp ; If Errorlevel = 1 Sleep 200 Else { ImageSearch, posx, posy, 5, 25, 210, 60, *30 quicksilver.bmp If Errorlevel = 0 Sleep 200 Else { Send {3} Sleep 6000 Send {4} Sleep 6000 } } } } hatred.bmp = Some img of some aura you use that will trigger the usage of quicksilver potion. If you use some other aura you will need to get a new img for the search. quicksilver.bmp = Img of the quicksilver potion so the script dont overlap usage. 5 , 25 , 210, 60 = Coords for the imagesearch in the client window Send {3} and Send {4} = Keys where your quicksilver flasks are, jut change the number inside according to your setup. Created some txt file and put the code inside, rename to autoQuick.ahk and put this file and both imgs in the same directory. You problably will have to get new imgs so it can match your specs, just use print screen, open mspaint, paste , zoom in all you can, select the midle of the aura/quicksilver img and make a new one. To optimize the rendiment of this script you pretty much have to use Warlords Marks and some % increased charge recovery mod, using this I have 80% uptime. Open this tool to get your coords if mine dont match your specs. Just right click some ahk script thats already running. The red coords are the coords you want. You have to get two sets of coords, first at the PURPLE DOT, second at BLACK DOT. Just replace the ones in the script. Here is some example of how to get your img for search, you will use the selected area, just cut and save in a new file. If you have any doubts feel free to ask, but this shit is very smple and you guys are smart to figure out just reading this usefull link and using google. Usefull links: http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/ImageSearch.htm Edit. THIS IS ANOTHER SCRIPT MADE BY IMMO, working as good as mine. All the "how to make it work" are inside the code in the commented line (the one after the ; User Config _name_poe_win = Path of Exile ; Name of the window when you run game exe _qsDuration = 6 ; enter your Quicksilver Flask duration !in seconds! _firstQuicksilver = 4 ; inGame Hotkey for your first Quicksilver Flask _secondQuicksilver = 5 ; inGame Hotkey for your second Quicksilver Flask _outOfTown = 0x506D8B ; In order to get your correct Pixelcolor please press F5 ; !!! before pressing F5 make sure your character is currently not in any town! (you must be able to use a skill) !!! ; some needed calculations _qsDurationTrue := (_qsDuration * 1000) + 250 ; introduction TrayTip, QS-Script loaded!, Options:`n> F8: Get the needed Pixelcolor!`n> F9: Start the Script (if already configured correctly)! , 2, 2 Pause On ; Main loop for activating the Quicksilver Flask loop { IfWinActive, %_name_poe_win% { PixelSearch, Px, Py, 655, 582, 655, 582, %_outOfTown%, 0, Fast If Errorlevel = 1 Sleep 100 Else { PixelSearch, Px, Py, 5, 25, 210, 60, 0xEFFF10, 0, Fast If Errorlevel = 0 Sleep 100 Else { Send {%_firstQuicksilver%} Sleep %_qsDurationTrue% PixelSearch, Px, Py, 655, 582, 655, 582, %_outOfTown%, 0, Fast If Errorlevel = 0 { Send {%_secondQuicksilver%} Sleep %_qsDurationTrue% } else { sleep 100 } } } } } ; get the needed pixel color for checking if in town or not F8:: WinActivate, %_name_poe_win% PixelGetColor, color, 655, 582 _outOfTown = %color% TrayTip, Individual Pixelcolor found!, Define ''_outOfTown'' by using this color:`n`n >> %color% <<`n`nBut for this time you can simply press F9 to start the script... , 10, 1 return ; Simple Pause/Unpause Function F9:: if A_IsPaused { Pause off TrayTip, QS-Script unpaused!, 1, 2 } else { TrayTip, QS-Script paused!, Press F9 to resume... , 1, 2 Pause On } return ; Exitfunction F10:: TrayTip, , terminating QS-Script! , 2.5 sleep 3000 ExitApp return quicksilver.bmp hatred.bmp
  2. Just perfect, thank you. This is the only must have script in my list. Excelent job.
  3. Where to go after Docks?...

    I wouldnt dare to open strongboxes in beyond, the wrong combination will kill you. As far as exp progression docks, library/catacombs and maps.
  4. Running Fragments

    Bumping this, it would help a lot the farm of midnight pieces.
  5. or we can all just set up our coords in some option inside the coordinates.ini, that way nobody is forced to use the same hideout, positons. [hideout] ; Way Point X Y ;Vendor X Y ;Vendor Sequence X Y ;Map device X Y
  6. Hi immo, I was wondering if it is possible to add some check that detect the message of Masters when they are found and trigger a popout similar to the one we get when we receive a private message. As always great script, thanks a lot.
  7. Selling problem

    Diferent quest progression have diferent selling coords, you need to edit your coordinates. https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/1682-guide-for-beginners-exiledbot-compendium/
  8. Qual gems Pickit bug?

    If you set the bot to pick a gem in the pickit it will get it dispite quality settings.
  9. Where can I get bot source code?

    Well if you are trying to learn I can direct you to a GREAT project of open source bot, it was an old game called Ragnarok Online. This bot "Openkore" was an open source project and it is still active. Best, most complete bot I ever saw/use. You can find all the information here :http://www.openkore.com/index.php/Main_Page
  10. Where can I get bot source code?

    I want the source too, gimme plz!
  11. yeah, they will ban and say "you got banned because I didnt like the name of this window".
  12. v0.17b Bugs

    I have this too, it is not a 0.17, it was present in earlier version, but in 17 this shit just got way fucking worse. It is like every 4 runs I get 1 of this ghost thing. It is killing the efficiency of the bot.
  13. Not a priority IMO. Better to focus in map farming. Improve how the bot handle the loot with a lot of quantity too, wasting a lot of time goin up and down for every single item.
  14. Did you check the box that says "Enable pickit profile" ?
  15. Mirror of Kalandra dropped for me in Ambush!!

    The hate and jealousy is big is this thread, gratz for the mirror.
  16. You have to disable item highlights in the game UI.
  17. Do you guys use autopot multiscript?
  18. GGG fucked up and enabled some items that we are not suppose to get now to drop, they corrected this by roll backing all server by 18 minutes, this item was problably deleted in the roll back.
  19. 0.16e Keeps logging out

    Non-Elite users can only use the bot below lvl 45, after the lvl 45 you have to buy a license.