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  1. Never thought this day would come - Banned !

    cant remember, probably didnt read it
  2. Never thought this day would come - Banned !

    what cookie thing?
  3. Just got banned :(

  4. are you able to sustain a specific map?

    thx for your answers i watched the bot quite a bit over the weekend, im not picking up any rares accept for chaos vendor, so i have not seen the bot run out of portals yet. but what i have seen is that the bot is getting stuck from time to time and not clear the complete map. that and having no sextants probably are the reasons why i cant sustain the maps but what is the best option to run maps then? i guess its just run as many maps as you can right? is it even worth upgrading the maps to rare or just run blues?
  5. Don't Want Pick (Shield,Chest,2H weapon,Bow,Quilver)

    if u dont want to pick it up just delete the line from the pickit. if u dont want to pickup any rare, (except from chaos recipe) just delete the whole rare section of the pickit. hope this helps
  6. i want the bot to run Shaped Spider Forest only, what i did: i shaped my atlas to only have Shaped Spider Forest as tier 11 and no tier 12 maps. i bought 100 Shaped Spider Forest chiseld them all, upgraded all to rare set the bot to chisel all tier 11 maps and upgrade to rare. they 100 maps were gone after 2 days. a week later i tried again with 300 Shaped Spider Forest maps same result, the maps are gone after a few days. as i read on numerous forum posts on the internet it should be easy to sustain the maps, but my bot is burning though them to fast now my question. is anyone able to sustain one kind of maps like i tried? is it even worth to put all the currency into maps? whats your take on mapping: just run blues whatever the map, upgrade to rare and run all maps, run low tier maps, run high tier maps...? would be nice to get some ideas from the pros in here, i know the most botters try to keep their secrets but a general answer would already be appreciated
  7. v0.72c - Bot can't do Oasis Map

    same problem with pit map, bot uses 3-4 portals until he's ready to go
  8. new version 0.72d still attacking Animated Weapons --> https://streamable.com/e09ob
  9. Status display in game window

    +1 great idea could help alot with debugging
  10. when i look at my atlas i see a lot of maps where the boss hasnt been killed yet. when the boss arena is small, the bot enters and leaves arena before boss can spawn. my suggestion: in boss arena wait x seconds for boss to spawn. i dont know if the bot is detecting if its a boss arena or not. could this be done?
  11. Add Range to pickit

    +1 low currency, pickup on radius, like scrolls
  12. Hi would be great if there was a way to only use i skill slot for auras, at the moment i use 3 auras so i need 3 skill slots to cast them, could the bot cast 1 aura and switch the skill to another aura and cast it ... the new skill slots could be very handy
  13. -------------------------------------------- Ok guys, First, set the baseMgrPtr:=0x7a5214 Then find the WriteMemUInt(pH,localConnection+0x2678,1) line in SetGameStateMenu(hwnd) function and replace it with WriteMemUInt(pH,localConnection+0x26f8,1). The only difference is f instead 7. -------------------------------------------- copied this from ownedcore, if someone need help to set it up for new patch 1.0.4