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    and how is this now better? what is that interop for? Does it work in browser?
  2. Discord only for paid users

    check the elite forum
  3. To all those who got banned

    @xtreme Why don't you wanna help the GGG devs? Wiithout them we wouldn't have PoE
  4. To all those who got banned

    @bluechips They gather information on you and among that is the information that lead to the ban. So you when you ask them for your private data, they will also have to hand over that data. With that, you can find out how they found out about you cheating and with that knowledge the devs can build in circum measures.
  5. Twilight Strand

    you might be interested in this https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10092-oni-goroshi-farming-script/
  6. Switch profile and idle (instant logout) don't work

    I also tried to do that and also failed.
  7. Oni-Goroshi Farming

    So, when poe freshly starts and I start the bot, then it works all fine. So I thought I make a AHK script that stops the bot and kills poe after a while. Killinge poe works fine but the problem is I can't start/stop the bot. I used AHK to find location and name of the start stop button but it just won't work: WinActivate, , PoE Version Sleep 5000 ;SetControlDelay -1 ;ControlClick, Button3, , PoE Version, LEFT,, NA ;ControlClick, x380 y680, , PoE Version, LEFT,, NA ;MouseClick, Left, 380, 680 Click, 380, 680 The first command, WinActivate does bring the bot window into the foreground. But none of the other click events work. Any suggestion?
  8. Oni-Goroshi Farming

    Hi there I tried to setup the bot to farm for Oni-Goroshi. I did try two different ways, but none work. 1. way - 1 character ------------------------------- I have idle settings as followed: Idle for random from 2 to 2 minutes AFter random runtime from 2 to 2 minutes Idle type: Idle at login screen (instant logout) What happens is this: Bot does run for 2 minutes around and kills hillock and explores further. AFter 2 minutes there's the logout. It waits at login screen for a bit more than 2 minutes, select char and goes into game. But then it just quits again and I fail to see why. 2. way - 3 characters --------------------------------- I have idle settings as followed: Idle for random from 0 to 0 minutes After random runtime from 0 to 0 minutes Idle type: Idle at login screen (Instantly logout) Auto profile changer Enabled witch time 2 min. +- 10% Siwtch to this profile "xxxx" So when I start this, it does select the right character does it run, after a while logs out. But then same character is selected again and profile is not changed. I did verify the Character position in the Map tab several times.
  9. Ok, meanwhile I figured out how to assign skill points. Problem is, it doesn't auto-level them...
  10. how does it work? I can't get it to run with the bot... once I start selecting skill points, I can't do much else except closing the tool. Also, do I have to click every single skill point in the order I want to have them selected or can I just skip a straight line ahead? Will it keep the data after restarting the tool?
  11. I fail to comprehend how this actually works - together with the bot.
  12. Quest Completion / Coords

    Well, some quests do have an impact on the y coords of the sellers in all the three acts. So I wonder, why not add a new Tab to the interface in which you can check the quests you have already done (not all of them have an impact on the coords) and use that acutally set the current coords in the bot.
  13. very interesting I'll have to test this out.
  14. Semi-Levelling Bot

    it can do Catacombs
  15. Uptrading at Clarissa's

    nobody likes this?