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  1. Hi there. It's me, Josh.. the guy with the AI and NeuralNet stuff :D

    I finished my first version of poe_sort and wanted to share the results but the discord is down.

    Whats up with the constant Discord problems? 

    How is your work going with the detection problem? Did you find anything?




  2. How do i donate or buy the bot when the store is empty?

  3. Current bot state

    Thanks for your patience guys. We have decided to re-enable the authentication system today. Since no banwave has occurred since last Friday, we are hoping to gather more information from users by opening the bot back up, and testing out some anti-detection methods. Specifically, we’ll be testing out various ways to dodge client and server side detection. So feel free to use the bot, but keep in mind that your account may be banned at any time. If you don't want to incur the risk, please wait for the next releases.
  4. Current bot state

    So, as you guys noticed during the last three days, a lot of accounts using the bot were banned. We are currently investigating hard to find out what triggers these bans and will release a safer version of the bot as soon as we have finished our tests. Meanwhile, we had to close the shop and disable the auth system for version 0.75c mainly to protect unaware users. Of course, compensation will be provided once a reliable solution has been implemented. Stay tuned.
  5. where to download bot?

    1. Sprion


      please tell me where to download im alreadybuy key

  6. amigo acabei de comprar como eu uso agora me ajuda obrigado

  7. Can you delete my exile-bot account? thanks.

  8. Captcha Does Work

    Fixed, sorry for the issue.
  9. i want join discord pless

  10. Hello, do not support the Chinese Tencent service now?

    1. long2016


      If you can support the Tencent version of China, I believe many Chinese players can like it.


  12. HI v0.74 doesn't work, are you still working on it or you have been stop udating tw garena service?

  13. Is it possible to get a refund?

  14. HI  ! tw version  need to  update.

    tks for your contributions.

  15. i  need new version pleas