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  1. Hi i want my money back the bot isnt working on my system =( shame.

  2. this version is working but not fully i belive i have some missed settings hes not remaking instances and other stuff just killing monsters than stops ty for helping tho

    1. B3L1AN


      Sure, what exactly seems to be the problem?


    Have a chance to banned how many % ??

  4. [REQUEST] ETA on EB for 3.4.0 (Delve)

    a) https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10349-release-beta-version-v076/ b) next version should add new aura skills.
  5. help me config bot teamviewer?please

  6. [REQUEST] ETA on EB for 3.3.2

    Done : https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/10314-release-beta-version-v075h/
  7. Hello Sir

    Can we get some updates on bot, whats happening? Will it be updated or project done?

  8. What is the status on the bot or are you closing down like ExileBuddy?

  9. Hey bro 0.75d is too 

  10. Can you delete my exile-bot account?

  11. bot 75d slow attack

    I'm working on fixing speed issues and having some good results. New release incoming soon. Sorry for the lack of informations, we are doing our best to fix issues, we simply don't speak bullshit when there is nothing to say. New discord is up and we are thinking about moving to slack to avoid these annoying server closed issues.
  12. 0.75D in Tencent Server Can't BOT

    Working on it, gonna release fixed version asap.
  13. Hi there. It's me, Josh.. the guy with the AI and NeuralNet stuff :D

    I finished my first version of poe_sort and wanted to share the results but the discord is down.

    Whats up with the constant Discord problems? 

    How is your work going with the detection problem? Did you find anything?




  14. How do i donate or buy the bot when the store is empty?