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  1. New Bot is not opening.

    ran it in every mode possible, maybe there was something that changed it after version g.
  2. New Bot is not opening.

    so even though .74f opens it does not run, any reason why .74f opens normally but .74g does not?
  3. New Bot is not opening.

    okay so I installed bot .74f instead of .74g and it opens for me, I don't know if it will be a major issue, since version g patch notes were just for some mobs being ignored.
  4. New Bot is not opening.

    It did not detect notepad, I decided to use Microsoft word and even after I attached it nothing opened .
  5. New Bot is not opening.

    I just bought this bot and it is not doing anything after I click attach, I have made sure my visual c++ and dx are up to date using the two links provided. The next step was to run it in admin and attach it to something that will be running the entire time. However after I attempted to attach it with everything nothing happens, the program just closes.