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  1. Leather belt (Normal)

    How can i make the botpick up leather belts and stash them?
  2. Only clicking right corner...

    Tryed almost all version and settings, but the bot only click top right corner when i'm starting it -.- am i doing anything wrong? Running on settings: Options: Windowed fullscreen, 800x600, directX 9 Ex I'm useing a summoner (zombie) Bot settings: battleNet or steam, act 10 (The Reliquary), POE Version = normal The bot can pick the champion from my list but after logging in it only clicks right top corner (moveing my character to the wall) Please help...
  3. Bot doesn't work...

    I just buyed this bot, but it's only clicking right and don't go to the act or anything? is this problem ganna get fixed soon?