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  1. Losing my equipped items.

    Thanks for the suggestion, will try it out =) Edit: This seems to have been the problem, have been running fine from now on =)
  2. Losing my equipped items.

    Hello, i'm using the latest bot version 0.74 and the standalone client in 800x600 windowed mode as the guide says, i'm new to this but got everything up and running last night. The problem for me is that my amulet and quiver that i have equipped keeps dissappearing, i'm not sure if the bot is dropping them on ground or selling them but so far i lost 2 amulets and 3 quivers in roughly 14 hours of botting. What could cause this issue? Bot Version: 0.74Poe Version: VanillaHideout on: noZana in HO: noMap Enabled: noSelected Zone: The Foothills/The Vastiri DesertSmart Pickit: Yes kind regards, Dodoga