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  1. Hello. I've been trying to figure out how to run Onigoroshi farm with this bot. I've been successful with some settings such as, progression OFF, RESET INSTANCE, profile change between 3 characters and so fort. the problem im having right now is the following: 1.Sometimes the profile doesn't change at all and it keeps on logging in the same character and immediately logging off again. 2.Sometimes when the profile change DOES happen, the whole BOT crashes and i needed to restart it. (Im using Steam version) 3.Sometimes when the map is cleared, and it logs off, it doesn't change the profile and proceeds to the same character thus it will become stuck on the map relogging and logging on the same character These are the 3 main reasons that i cannot run the bot unwatched for hours. many times i needed to restart the bot for it to work a while. Maxmimum time i had it running without any problem was around 7 profile changes, meaning if single run was around 2 min it was 15min and crash or it didn't change profile. Please fix the profile change thingy and currently waiting for newer version since 0.74 doesn't work ;D