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  1. How to help the bot-devs

    If I were to guess he has AoBs that are just specific enough that if the offsets change they can find them in a manner of minutes. In terms of if the offsets change radically or if they change protections or something that is going to take longer as the AoBs will just not work anymore. Nothing like that rogue Jmp command to just screw everything up lol.
  2. weird issues... also crashing.

    Did some more experimenting and it seems like the crashing was due to the profile switching. Apparently the bot cannot handle the function very well, maybe some errant code... Anyhow it works with no profile switching except it still has the other problems.
  3. also encountering this issue on top of a bunch of others.
  4. weird issues... also crashing.

    Hello all, I used this bot a long long time ago before I quit PoE and coming back to it after all this time I am getting several weird issues happening. The biggest issue is that it crashes like all the time. I have checked the helpful setup videos on the forum and everything is setup correctly as far as I can tell. Second issue which is less big (due to it having a work around) is that I cannot stop the bot via the "Stop Bot" button. The F12 key will pause the bot just fine, but if I hit the stop bot button it just presses the button itself and starts the bot again. I do not have anything set for client settings so I don't think it should be doing that. 3rd issue is a bit weird. The bot doesn't be able to see all my processes, as an example I start the paint program and open the bot but it doesn't find paint and it always gives me this list regardless of what I have open. I have tried disabling adguard and avast but it doesn't change anything. I have attempted to use version .74 and .73k version of the bot, the .73k version doesn't work at all (clicks outside of the game window). I have also tried running the bot under windows 7 compatibility mode and the bot crashes under normal mode or Hide mode. I am using windows 10 (64-bit) pro with the most up to date windows updates as well as the anniversary and creators updates. Edit: I also forgot to mention that the bot will also sometimes go into a endless loop. I have it set to select different profiles and it will someone select the same character over and over again. The bots actions will go like this. Select character, immediate log out, log in, select same character. Then it will log out again and repeat the same thing till I force close the bot. Edit: forgot to put in some other information... PoE used is the stand alone version Map being played is The Twilight Strand Using Pickit -> yes Checked the lastrun.log file and no mention of the crash there as I was closing the bot manually during testing. I will get that when it crashes again. Edit 3: added log Edit 4: more testing results: The bot seems to ignore idle settings even to the point of saying there isn't any idle settings, even on the default profile