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  1. Hi folks, I usually don't post and ask if bots running as I know the team puts great efforts in keeping the bot up to date. But today I need to ask... does the bot work again? Why I ask? Because I recognized, that sometimes, the bot runs again without me downloading any new version. This confuses me a lil bit. When do i need to update and when not? And... is there a forum Thread where I can see when bot is running again? Greets
  2. STEAM Version hangs up

    Hello all, using the bot for several month now. Never had any issues. Everything went smooth so far. Last patch (0.74d) has the problem that if you choose STEAM Version of the Game the whole BOT programm hangs up (After pressing "START" to launch the bot). If I choose normal Version the program doesnt hang up, but the bot (ofc) doesn't do what he is intended to do as it is the wrong game version. As mentioned I never had problems and i am (I think so ^^) pretty experienced in such things and I always was able to solve any problem by myself. Not in this case. Pls help EDIT: Forgot to say... It no matters if hide the process or not. Program hangs up in any case! Thx in advance!
  3. Hi there, I wanted to check my loot this morning as always, but the game hang up. Nothing new so far, as this happens sometimes. Restartet game, pressed start but bot only walks to the right. Restarted Bot. Same issue. Walks some steps right, stops, walks some steps right, stops, and so on. Rechecked Graphics: 800x600, lowest possbile Rechecked UI: all OK Reinstalled DirectX Reinstalled Bot Made new profile (same settings as before) Started bot again: same issue Some may say now it is because I have wrong settings, but believe me that is not the case. I didnt change anything but the bot behaves like that. Does anybody have or did have the same problem and knows a solution that for? Would appreciate. THX