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  1. Please create a Stop option that completes the current map before stopping. That way we don't have to either waste a map or wait around until it's finished with it and catch it before the next one when we want to stop.
  2. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    But since it's not a new type wont it trash it? Look for the type under your pickit and make sure force sell is commented out ie: Dialla's Malefaction is a sage's robe which was already in game Edit: both murder mitts and sage's robe are force sell in the default pickit.
  3. I would like this, or return to ho grab a corruption and corrupt. option to choose either would be awesome.
  4. I have 1 Mirror on harbinger softcore for $100 OBO. Skrill only
  5. how to configure Righteous fire please

    I have the same issue, only "Always recast" is selected and the bot will not start mapping on its own but once I get it going it runs fine. Always recast is the only option I have selected.
  6. How many acts can this bot do?

    That's a bit misleading, It runs up until bandits in act 2, Pick your bandits then run it again it will complete act 2. It will do act 3 but get hung up in some spots. For the rest of the acts you just set it to clear that zone and it will pickup the quest items if you have that checked and as long as there's no quest obstacle in the way it will run to the map through other maps. It can clear everything.
  7. Is your bot OK? I've got banned three times so far.

    My ping to the poe server with PIA is 36ms
  8. Did you copy and paste your old configs into the newer bot release? the notes say not to do that and it causes that issue. What skill do you guys use to setoff elemental equalibrium?
  9. Can we prioritize looting?

    Like if next enemy >20m away {loot} Or if the bot follows a chain of mobs. If detected loot > 20m { disengage , return to loot} I just watched my bot follow a chain of mobs away from a unique and not return. Without smart pickit enabled. May have been another issue I would just hate to know I've missed more.
  10. Is your bot OK? I've got banned three times so far.

    I use PIA, it's great for ... all things that require vpn. They don't throttle like others. On the topic of the necro I doubt GGG has the resources for detection.
  11. Asshole? for addressing your issue and discovering the real problem? Nothing I did was flaming. I never used ad hominem like you just did. I asked legitimate questions and provided you with the best way to resolve the issue.
  12. I wouldn't just update I'd wipe the spam. You went from customer with an issue to raging spammer. They probably have a lot of tickets after the hack. Account issues would require higher access than most support can help with. Three days isn't much when you have to recover a database.
  13. So the day the forums were hacked. I highly recommend deleting your spam and try contacting user support via discord. In my experience users jump to irrational behavior way to early and it usually screws them in the end. Which is what it looks like here.