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  1. setting bot up to restart on computer

    I can get ahk to load when j restart computer After that it double clicks on the bot and gets the main menu open. After that the script like doesn't function or something. It just will not click the bots menu. And I tell ahk to hover mouse over it and to click but it'll just hover over it. It fails to actually click the button within the bots menu. What's the deal ? What click command should I be using. It's like the click doesn't register with the bot
  2. chaos recipe

    Hey my friend just told me there is a chaos recipe and i also noticed the bot has a box for it but i am un able to click it, whats the deal with that? i would like to use that feature. what am i missing?
  3. hello, my end goal is to be able to leave my computer alone for 3 weeks and it restarts every 24 hours. i have got that part down the only thing thats giving me issues now is that i cant seem to make the bot set itself up and actually hit "start bot" anyone have any suggestions? i am trying to make the bot go for 3 weeks at a time, without human interaction