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  1. yes I have the same problem
  2. i have my computer to run a AHK script at computer start up so it double clicks on a Murgee auto clicking script. that auto clicking script starts the bot by right clicking shortcut on desktop, then hits run etc, after so long the auto clicker hits stop on the bot (i usually have it set to 2 hours) after that it clicks on a AHK script on desktop to run a restart command on command prompt. then bam computer restarts and the cycle continues.. I go to work for 3-4 weeks at a time and it will be the running the entire time im at work unless the bot needs an update i have no exp using AHK or writing any scripts so if i can do it u can do it lol
  3. Map tab drop off

    Is there anyway we could get the bot to just dump all maps into the newer map tabs ?
  4. not running some t16 maps

    whats the deal with the bot never running forge and maze t16 maps? i could have an entire tab full of every t16 map,t15,t14,and t13 maps and it runs every one of them except for maze and forge. no they r not set on ignore its skipping these maps for as long as i can remember
  5. Broken Bot, just me?

    Nope not just you. I guess they r working on it. Idk kind of hard to tell since they havnt acknowledged it yet
  6. Just bought this and it doesn't work.

    Mine too. What's the deal ?
  7. The bot stopped working. It's been running fine till last night now it just doesn't do anything at all. Any plans on updating soon ?
  8. Hey what's the chances of getting the tier 15 beachhead map added ? If I set it up now it just opens map and freezes
  9. So in the bots settings I have it to restart Poe client after its been froze for 30 seconds, but quite often I come back to my computer and it's just sitting there with a frozen Poe client doing nothing. And looking at the time log it will sit there for way more then 30 seconds. Sometimes hours. Anyways I have the path right to start bot. It just doesn't recognize the client is froze or something. Anyone else have this issue ?
  10. setting bot up to restart on computer

    I can get ahk to load when j restart computer After that it double clicks on the bot and gets the main menu open. After that the script like doesn't function or something. It just will not click the bots menu. And I tell ahk to hover mouse over it and to click but it'll just hover over it. It fails to actually click the button within the bots menu. What's the deal ? What click command should I be using. It's like the click doesn't register with the bot
  11. Smart Stashing

    Please add
  12. chaos recipe

    Hey my friend just told me there is a chaos recipe and i also noticed the bot has a box for it but i am un able to click it, whats the deal with that? i would like to use that feature. what am i missing?
  13. hello, my end goal is to be able to leave my computer alone for 3 weeks and it restarts every 24 hours. i have got that part down the only thing thats giving me issues now is that i cant seem to make the bot set itself up and actually hit "start bot" anyone have any suggestions? i am trying to make the bot go for 3 weeks at a time, without human interaction