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  1. Yeah, yours doesn't work either. Copying your code gives the error "cannot parse at line 3 Gui, Add, Button, x5 y5 w40, Do it!". That is the main cause of all my problems I think. I believe the formatting was recently changed in auto hotkey and many of the example scripts and or user submitted scripts use old formatting that is no longer supported. Either that, or I didn't download something that people have. I think I need help from someone that very recently made scripts using auto hot key as they would know how to format the functions/commands. In regards to the 2nd comment, making the script is very simple imo. I just want the most basic static position click the stack of 30 orbs then click on next fixed location stack till done. My only issue is getting the pathofexile window to be activated and having the mouse clicks register inside the game (which i cant believe is this complicated since I should just have to tell the computer "click the mouse here" regardless what window is active, but it seems more complicated than that)
  2. So I am trying to make a very simple fixed location scour+chancing script and I cannot get it to work inside the Path of Exile window. I have looked through the examples of "WinActivate" and other related commands but cannot get any of them to work. I also find it interesting and confusing how ONE 1 example of the winactive or any related command provided in the https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/WinActivate.htm seems to work. For example, running the provided example of IfWinExist, Untitled - Notepad WinActivate else WinActivate, Calculator returns the following error "Error: "else" statement with no corresponding "if" statement Like either something is very very wrong with my installation or the examples in the documentation/tutorials of the functions is wrong (and if that's true, I have no clue how to learn to use AHK since that's the pt of example uses of commands-to teach how to use them" Anyway though, my current total attempt at the script is this: GroupAdd, PoEexe, ahk_exe PathOfExile.exe GroupAdd, PoEexe, ahk_exe PathOfExileSteam.exe GroupAdd, PoEexe, ahk_exe PathOfExile_x64.exe GroupAdd, PoEexe, ahk_exe PathOfExile_x64Steam.exe $i = 0 IfWinActive Path of Exile ahk_class POEWindowClass ahk_group PoEexe Do MouseClick("right",1144,705.1) Sleep(250) MouseClick("left",1211,652.1) Sleep(500) MouseClick("right",1201,704.1) Sleep(250) MouseClick("left",1201,653,1) Sleep(500) $i += 1 Until $i = 1 The Do to Until part works anywhere else but inside a particular window. The groupadd stuff was one way I saw someone else supposedly fix the whole "script doesnt work inside poe so do this" problem but the script currently returns the error of "groupadd=unknown function name"
  3. Can i get auto follow bot?

    May i ask why? I don't think it should be too hard to have a the bot follow around the player as long as the player doesn't use super movespeed/movement ability spam