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  1. Yes, seems a very common problem ... heard something about "fixed version comes end of the week" ... We will see, this problem is annoying as f*** ... navigation needs somehow be fixed as it seems.
  2. Note for newer versions of the bot : When using bv set "Amount of minion of this type" to 20 for this attack slot. Else the bot only cast BV once and uses the default attack skill instead of casting blade vortex again. Hope this helps
  3. Hi, from your personal point of view, which build is - without or with moderate initial investment - best and fastest du level? I ask because from past seasons i only know builds like EQ Marauder, which was quite okay to level Thank you!
  4. Hi, meanwhile i got it solved. I could not exatly locate it, but i removed my Path of Exile user Data completely and restarted the game. So there has to be something buggy that was no issue with other versions before 0.66c_RC. The partial problem with "crash when item on cursor" was solved with the RC 2 before. The second particular problem with chaos receipe mode was not bot but PoE related and i solved it myself as explained. Thx
  5. /// Solved (check my last post here) Hi, i tried this with fresh setup of 0.66c_RC (and also RC 2), and it definitely a bug: - fresh install, just set elite key, nothing else - activate "unidentified chaos mode" - nothing more set - not a single rare item in any stash tab What happens : bot goes to stash, chooses a stash tab (for me either 3 or 4) and clicks somewhere on the left. - if there is an item where bot clicks -> crash! - if there is no item where bot clicks -> no crash, but bot repeats clicking there, doing nothing more Last messages in log (for the case when item is in the clicked space): ... same behaviour btw with full set up everything else. the "fresh scenario" just mentioned to make sure it was not another setting ... deactivating this unid chaos mode : bot works!
  6. I tried the current RC version - does not work very well. Map exploring seems better compared to current stable. But the character after short time only stands there and lets itself get killed. No movement, even no chicken (although log said "Chickened via method ESC+CLICK!" - actually bot did not) Kind of annoying. Ingame setup is same as for 0.63e btw, there at least this problem does not occur ... I think i will not buy another monthly, it really seems to get worse with this bot to be honest.
  7. How to set up enduring cry to manually casted? thanks~

    Hi, i also wonder how to really use enduring cry in a good way. I have EQ Champion, but from higher maps (6+ i fail) due to heavy physical hits by endbosses mainly. So ... i set up enduring cry for example - on "T" key - cooldown to 10000 - min monsters required in range 10 (i hope this way only to cast it if enough monsters around to have enough charges) - priority 11 (all other skills / auras got 3,4 or 10 as prio, so this is highest). Does not cast at all, maybe because of the monster range setting? I would be glad to have a detail example how to use enduring cry, would be nice Thank you