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  1. Omgwtfzor's currency and power leveling shop $0.8

    bumped updated with promotion
  2. Omgwtfzor's currency and power leveling shop $0.8

    bump price update
  3. OMGWTFZOR' SHOP We are selling exalts for softcore leagues If you are interested in buying currency CLICK HERE EXALT HARBINGER SC $0.8 each!! PM FAST! For Power leveling CLICK HERE OR Contact US Owned core link: Sythe Vouch thread:
  4. Chance items before deciding to stash

    I am chancing skyforths already by using pickit. I agree with stef. He does not stash white items as long as you have the chance orb. I always keep around 10 chance orbs in my stash. If you are chancing 2-3 items then you will be inflated with items that you would love to use chance orbs with.
  5. Please note that you will need Path of Building for this in order for you to see the items,dps, skill tree, bandits that was used. If you don't know how to use Path of Building, please do your own research. Reason for using bringer of rain: to have a 6 socket chest with gems to lvl for selling. This is pretty optional but this provides a cheap 6 link. for the weapon. I chose it cause it is cheap. You can still use others as you see fit. I used sunder cause of the aoe. Please note that this tree is for 80 and above. Improvise on your own. I would suggest getting more life nodes if you have extra levels. This build is fully untested but I believe quite viable for most tier 1-10 maps Advantages: high drop rates, max resistances, has a chance to block. Disadvantages: 4k+ life, ele weakness maps. Expensive rings and amulet. Please answer the Poll question above. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
  6. bot only works with dx9
  7. CURRENCY picked

    because it should be true? your flag in that txt is set to false which makes the bot throw it away
  8. better upload your log file so that moderators can help you. and before posting refer to this
  9. Good Map to bot?

    updates pls
  10. Hey All!

  11. whats your combat safe range? i think that determines from prioritizing looting and attacking of theres no mobs in the safe range bot will loot. not sure though cause im still not using rc version
  12. HI im having this issue with my bot i got home from work and i see that one of my bot is stuck in this screen and the bot wont close the menu this is not the 1st time it happened. sometimes it happens in character selection screen too here's another reference from another topic starter out of my 3 bots this is the only account that has this problem so i asked some people in discord including some of my friends i recommended eb they also confirmed this bug if your username has a letter "o" which i think most of us have cause of ".com" this bug will occur but my email has letter "o" even without the ".com" btw this is the only email i have with an "o" on it so i guess that letter o was the button for options. and i guessed that was the problem so tried using [email protected] and see if the bot opens the option menu by mistake it seems like it did to sum it up. the bot needs to figure out if its stuck on login screen or character screen.\ hopefully im not asking too much for the meantime my fix is changing the shortcut key for letter "O" to another key, i use "[" cause the bot doesnt use this button i guess? and my username and password doesnt use it