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  1. The bot tried to do this several time but got stuck on "gem is socketed" warning. I guess it finally succeeded. rip 30ex worth of 21/20 gems & 15ex weapon. fix this pls.
  2. The bot doesn't seem to support running 2 blasphemy auras with +1 curse.
  3. Bot stopped alching maps

    So I setup the new version with the correct tab, put alchs in the tabs, made sure that I have UpgradeToRare uncommented. No matter how many times I restart the bot it doesn't alch any of the maps?
  4. Bot loots horribly

    Bot is looting small amount of drops correctly. However whenever there is a breach or a red beast: * The bot misses most of the clicks. * picks up a bunch of white and blue items. * once the inventory is full the bot just exit the map and start a new one(I have observed it abandoning a couple of chaos drops now). I have "press Alt to loot" enabled. I have tried enabling & disabling loot filters, the problem persists.
  5. My bot can log in and select character properly, but once it is in the game it just kept clicking one spot every 5 second. I have the game at 800x600 resolution. I am using the latest verson 0.61d. Bot had been working properly until June 28th.
  6. the cursor get stuck on the center of a empty stash tab.