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  1. Add divinity cards stash tab

    Rather have bot do gcp recipe, don't waste time on stash logic. Or an option in pickit to set stash tab for anything.
  2. While adding color support to pickit, give full control so we can save specific colors for certain bases (if I'm correct people prefered to chance a voll's protector starting from base with right colors instead of coloring it). With dialla's malefaction coming, where you most probably want red and green sockets, it might be time for something like this.
  3. As far as I know, the bot goes through all skills all the time, starting with highest prio, until it finds one to use, with moving being lowest prio. So in your example, your prio 10 skill will almost never trigger, because the bot will stop moving and use your prio 9. Only when the monster moves to you and get in range, your priority 10 skill will get used. You can use pack size or target (all, magic, rare, unique) to tweak it a bit, or even power/frenzy/endurance charges. Or use cooldown. Depends on why you want some skills with a 35 distance and some 20. As for min distance, in most cases you can ignore that. However, something like spectral throw, could benefit from it on single target for example, since it does multiple attacks when it hangs still and changes direction. Or I think molten strike you never want to be on the monster, since the damage only starts a bit outside your cast zone. And plenty more uses in the right setup.
  4. EB Setup Helper

    I hope that's what you wanted? Cause that's what it should do.
  5. Hi, I've seen a lot of people having problems with configuring the bot and getting it to work. This is why I started making this program. It will ask you a few questions, and come up with a skill config file you can copy to your bot. I also added an option to pick what maps and mods it will not run, and it will upgrade those (selling 3 of the same map you don't want to run, or 3 rares with a mod you don't want to run even if you would run the map normally, magic maps will be rerolled so not upgrading those). Here you can pick if you want to alch/transmute/augment the maps as well. Things to keep in mind: - This will not result in the best setup. Tweaking the bot to perfection takes time. This is just to get people that have issues setting their skills getting started. - I can only come up with so many builds and test them. Expect certain builds to not work. However, put a request in this forum or contact me on discord, and I'll see if I can update it. This comes with no guarantee it will work for you, and I take no responsibility if something goes wrong. Use at your own risk. However, I will try to fix any issue reported to make this as easy and all round as possible for everyone. EB_SetupHelper.rar
  6. Hi, When alching/binding maps, there is a high chance to hit a mod that you ignore (think about reflect). It would be nice if there was an option to upgrade those maps. If you have 3 of the same map with a mod you don't run, even if it's not on your upgrade tier list, vendor them for a higher tier. Edit: nevermind, worked on this with JPS (thanks a lot!). This works to upgrade rare phys reflect maps: Replace the mod (copy from list) and rarity if needed. Will test later for multimod upgrade (phys reflect or elemental reflect for example).
  7. Add Range to pickit

    Bot should run back for currency when it registers it. If it's not going back (it might take some time since it will be clearing, but it goes back in the end) then it probably did not register the drop, and a function like this wouldn't help.
  8. If your bot dies to the same mod over and over, block the mod in the map config file, that's what it's for. It will also stop the map when it died 6 times, so all good
  9. Hi, I answered yes to the poll. However, I don't think the setup is optimal. All those uniques prevent you from getting resistances. While BoR gives you a cheap 6L (7 if you count blind, and a lvl 12 faster attacks and 18 melee phys is also not a full link imo), a 5L chest (astral plate) and helm will probably allow you to drop purity of elements and arctic armour for hatred, while having more life doing so, for a slightly higher cost (5L is pretty cheap). Hatred might make kaom's primacy or hezmana better as weapon, since it's higher phys base. You didn't add flasks, but lion's roar and atziri do the same. You can probably also drop some resist nodes for more damage. Other than that, I guess you'll include CWDT and golem in the build? I also have a feeling you are taking a bit too much leech on the tree. But that's something you have to feel. I just think endless hunger and brutal fervour should be enough, maybe 1 or 2 nodes on tree for bosses, but probably best to skip them on a magic finder. So, more points for damage (executioner, splitting strikes wheel). Oh, and take some jewel sockets, they are good Other than that, pretty good starter build.
  10. [Guide] How to setup skills

    Hi, I see a lot of questions in discord on how to make skill [pick your skill] work, so I decided to write a quick "guide" on how to configure your bot. Things to know before we start: - Make left mousebutton move only (feet icon). - Bot doesn't handle channeling skills well. Try to avoid selfcast them. - Bot has no way to detect vaal skills are charged or not. There are ways to get them working, but not reliable for main attack (like vaal spark or vaal fireball). - Bot is not great with temporary things, like zombies, spectres, ... - Bot will start with highest priority skill, check if it's conditions are met and trigger it if they are. If not, it goes to lower priority. That being said, lets start: 1) Stop thinking about a build, the bot has no concept about a skill, only about conditions to put the mouse and press a button. This would mean, the bot handles things like LA and SRS in the same way: point at minion and use skill. 2) In the skill setup, start ticking all your permanent aura skills (cast once, like hatred, not like blood rage) as aura, set your golem as the golem type he is, and set your movement skill (if you have one) as movement skill. 3) Set the priority of your main attack to a low priority/low number (like 1). Make sure the max distance is big enough, but not too big. This skill will be used when the other skill conditions are not met. 4) Think about your remaining skills, and set their conditions, making sure the most important skills have the highest priority, with cooldown when needed. Example: Warchief totem on magic/rare/elite only: Prio 9, cooldown 5000 (5sec, set in miliseconds), target Magic. Don't forget max distance!. Also check min monster required range, since it's the boss killer, make it 1. Example: Summon zombies/spectre: Prio 8, cooldown 5000, target corpses. As you can see, apart from the target, totem, zombies and spectre are the same setup: the bot has no concept about what he is doing. Example: blood rage: Since this is a temporary buff, use the "always recast buff" option. Set min and max distance to 0, and give it priority 1. If this would not work for whatever reason (for example, with a very high ping I have seen it not being detected and casted over and over), you can put some logic behind it: prio 10 (highest number will be used first). Add a cooldown: 5000. Make max distance really big, like 2000, so it will always trigger. Min monster in range to 1, just to be sure. Since it refreshes on kill and give a frenzy charge on kill, only needed when max frenzy=0 Again, the bot has no clue about the skill. But: no frenzy, at least 1 mob on map, and 5seconds passed since last check? Use the skill. Warcries, curses and vaal skill can be set in the same way, just think under what conditions you would manually use that button, and fill in what's needed.. Go over every skill again, think about how you would play manually, and make sure they are all setup like that. You might have to select "use shift" or "maintain pressed key/mouse" to simulate what you would do. Flask: The bot has build-in support for life, mana and quicksilver flasks. Other flasks will not work by default. However, just add a skill, assign your flask to the key, and set it up as a normal skill, using the logic from before. Most common mistakes(in case something does not work): - Check your skill is set as the correct type. Aura and only aura has to be set as aura, golem and only golem has to be set as golem, ... - Check your max distance. It is calculated from the monster center, having max too low will make the bot run into them, but never hitting the needed range, not using skill. - Check your min monsters in range. Uniques are generally alone, having this number higher than 1 would not trigger the skill... - Make sure you have set cooldowns where needed. You don't want the bot to keep casting a totem, or a warcry, since it will never use the main attack. What if it still does not work? You most likely have an error in your skill setup. - Remove all skills you have setup. - Add a new skill. Set the button for your main attack, and set it up. Test it. - Add more skills to test if it still works. Once it stops working, you know what to check. Keep repeating until all skills are setup. Good luck, and enjoy!
  11. [Guide] Beginners Guide to Botting and Making Currency

    Bot does not level (act1-2 should work, 3-4 not), so best way is to level manually and put gear on. Get your ascendancies, get your hideout and zana, then bot maps.
  12. Follow bot

    Not the purpose of the bot. Try ISBoxer or any multiboxing software for something like that. Bot would die to traps faster than you controlling multiple clients.
  13. And that's why there are builds posted on the forum. People that don't want to invest the time to learn how to setup the bot can use those, with full skill info posted. People investing time can (but IMO shouldn't) run different builds with more options. Bot does not detect vaal souls, but you can set up vaal skills with a cooldown and other logic. Bot will use this skill, if not charged nothing will happen, if charged it will activate. For flasks, add a new skill, key for the flask, and logic when to activate. Again, does not detect if you got charges, but will use the flask. Better stashing is something I would want as well. Not sure why you would go by colors, as this would require premium tabs (most people use full free accounts for botting, don't bot on your main!). Same reason currency tab is not working (for now, low priority). But being able to setup stashing rules for anything would be nice. Currency in tab 3. Exalt, divine, mirror, skyforth, (any high value item) in tab 4, breach splinters in tab 3, divine cards in tab 2, ... All able to setup in config file.
  14. Few questions/features

    Masters is a work in progress, but low on the list. Having the bot farm perfect is top priority I guess. Autolevel is next. After that, masters, probably prio Zana. Bot really only needs 1 master for hideout and zana for mapping device, with higher level zana for the map mods. But map mods are also on the todo list. So don't expect that any time soon. Diamond flask can be used, just set it up as a skill. Add skill, key=key for flask, and put logic like min-max distance, cooldown, ... Works with all flasks. No idea on strongboxes. Should not be too hard by itself, but will need extra work to keep currency in the inventory.
  15. anyone managed to run 10 bots under 500$-1000$??

    Ramdisk does help quite a lot for me, both when starting up as in game when opening strongboxes for example. Also, got spare ram anyway, so doesn't hurt to do so. But 22 bots on that hardware with Smoother huh? Will have to set that up again