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  1. I've done that already, because it happen when I was making this, how It works, when it's done grabbing it averages everything one buy one (that's why it's so slow) so if it see's a really big jump it'll ignore it
  2. This is a script i've been working for about 3 days (shouldn't have token that long lol) but, what it does is, >You paste your item into the window >It'll goto poe.trade and look for SIMILAR/exact >then it'll get all the items that are and see if they have a price on it, if they do it'll collect it, if it doesn't ignored. >then it'll average it like this, adds up all the currency collected then divides it by how many times it's collected like so 50 10 80 20 50+10+80+20 = 160 / 4 = average is 40 1 2 3 4 Also, it's python, so I needs too have all those files to be able too turn it into an exe that everyone can use so don't touch anything video: https://a.pomf.cat/ibeilp.mp4 DOWNLOAD: http://a.pomf.cat/waxvfd.rar
  3. First thing is first. The bot get stuck for me so I assume it does for everyone once in awhile too... (Now, I do know you guys have a timeout limit... but that also bugs out too, (deactivates my auth)) So, here is my solution to fix this. log your movement I see you already do this but try to do something like this (ill add more later) this will be pseudocode. movement_old = position.track movement_new = position.track while(true){ movement_old time.sleep(10000) movement_new time.sleep(1) if(movement_old == movement_new){ log_out_to_char_screen } }
  4. Bot stops moving

  5. Annoying bug ever.

    Tbh if the "maker" logged every movement and had an "old" movement and an "updated" movement it'd fix this.. It'd look something like this.. POS_OLD == Pos.now POS_Updated == Pos.now function Fix() timer(seconds(3)) POS_OLD timer(seconds(3)) POS_Updated if POS_OLD == POS_Updated Teleport() fix() this was in lua obv.. but you could do this easily in cpp..