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  1. Keep objects 3 linked in the stash

    Possibly, or it has something to do with the chrome recipe maybe?
  2. How to set to retrieve only these items?

    Just delete stuff in the pickit you don't want
  3. Leather belt (Normal)

    go to pickit chancing section uncomment leather belts
  4. Help

    So bot doesn't ID jewels? Just remove the jewel section from Pickit
  5. Bot Mapping Issues

    Sounds like the combat settings you have are incorrect. I would read up on some combat settings guide, that would be fastest. You can also send pics of your setup on here and ill try to help, might take longer tho cause i don't always check the forums.
  6. Banned after 2 weeks use

    Hmm, what did you do with all the currencies? Did you trade it to your main? I've seen people get banned that way.
  7. Banned after 2 weeks use

    Were you running maps or faming zones? Did you have any player interactions, poe.trade, global chat, group play? RMT? Did the bot every get stuck in a weird loop?
  8. Trying to sell dressed equipment.

    Try moving your Hideout around. I had the same problem and that fixed it for me, more space from map portals to vendor to stash. Also, when the game lags/ FPS drops that can happen as well.
  9. Ty very much

    Bot has been up and running for over 24 hours. Besides, you do realize these are individuals doing this, not some sort of company right? haha
  10. Right now Burial Chambers isn't in working order. Bot does about half the map then exits during the transition area. I would LOVE to have this fixed, as we all know HH div cards are juicy.Would be very profitable for everyone if bot would finish the whole map. If this is already possible, and i'm just a noob, please let me know so I can change some settings around and get the bot running the whole map. Thanks
  11. Bot doesn't work...

    Bot needs to be updated after each patch. Give it some time
  12. Bot loots horribly

    Do you have a loot filter and have it set so only items that fall in the guidelines of the loot filter are highlighted when the bot tries to pick up items?
  13. Deleted scrolls from pickit Set it to ignore wisdom/portal I have it set to keep 40 in my inventory ( in the hopes that it will keep it at 40 by pulling from my stash ) After doing that, bot still picks up wisdom/portal scrolls from the drops in the map to maintain 40 in my inventory, instead of pulling from stash.
  14. Alrighty, I'll try it and get back to you.
  15. The goal here is to never pick up wisdom/portal scrolls and save a good amount of time during maps. I think it would be great if I could pre-load my stash tab with 1000 scrolls of wisdom/portal and have the bot pull from there when portals/wisdom scrolls are needed, instead of picking them up while mapping. It's a small efficiency change, but that's what this is all about. Maximizing profit per-hour. 30-60 seconds of picking up scrolls each map adds up. If this is already doable with the current version someone teach me Thanks