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  1. A few questions before buying

    I see. Well, not sure why. Usually there is activity here but not as of lately. Also the slack server link is dead AF
  2. A few questions before buying

    Basically there was a massive ban wave that shut down at least one other well used POE-bot. AFAIK there has been zero activity here on this site since that happened.
  3. A few questions before buying

    Bot is presumed dead unfortunately.
  4. anyone managed to run 10 bots under 500$-1000$??

    Just out of curiosity, do u guys manually level 20 chars to a4 merc or how do u do it?!
  5. Poe Service & Currency

    Traded currency. No problems whatsoever. Great seller.
  6. warehouse

    You cant control click over items to the guild stash
  7. Price 499 USD (accepting paypal and so on, read note at the end of post pls.) Need my life back so I'm selling my main account with lots of GG items. Amongst other things: Mirrored phys wand est. value 190 ex Legacy shavs est value 180 ex. Mirrored crit ring est. value 100 ex Skyforth Legacy reach of the council Legacy Mjölner Legacy voidheart Atziri gloves Multiple lvl 21 and lvl 20 gems 6L kingsguard 6L infernal mantle 6L beast fur shawl GG crit rings Near perfect Ventor's gamble Volls devotion Repentence Death's door x 2 The list goes on and on. Witch lvl 87 Saboteur lvl 91 Saboteur lvl 85 Deadeye lvl 85 Jugger lvl 92 Occultist lvl 90 Assassin lvl 90 And some more chars lower level. Not a lot in pure currency, just random stuff. Around 50 stash tabs (including currency tab) NOTE: If you are at all intersted, I will provide screenshots etc. etc.
  8. WTS Chimeric Scalpel (google it) 245 exa or trade for crit stuff/other mirrored items. Regards
  9. Personal Pickits

    FYI Vaal gems can drop with quality
  10. Bot v0.54i mapping does not work

    I have a 500 Mbit connection and core i7 just running one bot not so the speed is def not the issue. The log for the issue I posted in this thread. I can only do maps if I restrict the bot to 1,2,3,4 tabs. Let me know if you need more and in that case exactly what you need to solve the issue. Thx
  11. Bot v0.54i mapping does not work

    You can just check the log I posted and that's the reproduced issue. I have 500 Mbit connection, a core i7 etc etc etc so the machine is definitely not slow. Also just using 1 bot. Alk, let me know what else you need to know to fix it. Right now I can only utilize 4 tabs at a time to run maps.
  12. Bot v0.54i mapping does not work

    It seems so. Now it works again. So, dont use more than 4 tabs...
  13. Bot v0.54i mapping does not work

    Not all. Some are still in 5-10. Will that matter, you say?