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  1. POE Bot on Chiina (Tencent) is not working I tried 3 accounts on 3 different computers so i am sure it not working It can press U and read maps, then when it click the Stash, it keep click the life bar and outside of the POE window back and forth when i lock the mouse in the POE window, it does the same.
  2. Help

    is your bto working? after update and icant use the V0.74d
  3. QQ POE 封號嚴重嗎?

    QQ POE 封號嚴重嗎?
  4. I have been leacing for POE and POE bot for about 3 years I am BACK! However, i returned to my country which is China I wonder if i can use POE bot for the Chinese version POE, and do i need to chinage the POE to English language?
  5. if i put the bot manually in that zone, and start the bot., is that mean the bot only going to clear that zone once?
  6. is there anyway i can farm a zone which does not have a WP like the dried lake
  7. question about using EB as beginner

    hi guys i am just trying to work this out, if if EB works on me, i will be the life license. First question) If i enable the smart pickit setting, the normal pick setting will automatically disable, right? Second question: [sockets] == "6" && [Linked] <= "4" # [sellUnid] == "true" Is this right for pick up and sell 6S, or sell only, if so, how to write pick up and sell? Third question: how to write to pick up chrom item and sell them? thank you so much