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  1. Burial Chambers

    Alk seems completely reluctant to fix this issue I honestly don't know/can't tell. Probably reaping in those sweet sweet The Doctors Cards all for himself
  2. always skin transfer something if its valuable so that its impossible to sell
  3. Good build for botting?

    Flicker, Wander, melee attacks, bow builds.
  4. Totem Builds

    find something else, the only thing I could think of would be have 2 keys with Totems(or how ever many totems you summon) and have a 5 second cool down on each of them with the same priority..
  5. you need to use DirectX 9 or DirectX 9ex the bot does not support Dx11. if the bot is crashing instantly, please upload the logs file so we can get an idea where to start troubleshooting.
  6. i want ebtools

  7. Beach arena boss

    in the system.ini file look for exploration_distance=115 Try reducing it by margins of 5
  8. Bot not working - no settings changed

    I had that exact issue after the patch until I downloaded the most recent Version of the bot .74c which immidiatly fixed my issue. If it does not resolve it for you try rediwnloading and reconfiging from scratch(excluding Map/pickit.ipd
  9. Two accounts under different IP

    you'll need either 2 computers OR set up 1 or 2 Virtual Machines to Run under your Primary OS. You can Google how to Set up Virtual MAchines and there are guides in the Elite Section that are pretty detailed on how to set them up. VPN is best if you Go private(public are easier to keep track of and mass ban) and pay like $3 depending on the service. You can google good VPN's as well. For Botting MAKE 100% that it supports a Killswitch that stops all connections if the VPN server goes down. you don't want your bots both being on the same IP because the VPN stopped working for a few mins Now to get it the grinding bot set up under a VPN seperate from your main depending on What service you get could be as easy as install/Login/Start, or something else more complicated
  10. Change my serial key

    if you really and truly believe your friend will be able to remember the 32 digit randomly generated key then PM Alkpone on Discord or PM Him on here. As far as I know he is the only one with database access like that.
  11. There probably was a Hotfix that broke things for some people. Basically the bot thinks its selecting the character and will continue so until offsets are updated... Add both of these are launch parameters for POE to prevent non-forced updates that may break the bot. --nopatch -ns
  12. Selecting stash tab... idling and loop

    Looking at the log for some reason the bot seems to trying to go to Tab 6 even though you don't have it enabled. No idea how to fix that. Try doing a fresh reconfigure everything excluding your pickit and map ipd
  13. Crash, profile change, stuck in map

    Profile Changer is a buggy feature, don't use it until Alk puts time towards fixing it...With this many posts about it im shocked it hasnt happened yet though
  14. Bot clicking outside game-window

    Try as a temporary solution, in POE there is an Option to confine the mouse the the window. Under Options-Ui you will find it all the way at the bottom right above Default loot Allocation.
  15. 1-70 powerlvling

    You have it, its on the Bot itself. you need to configure the spell/skill your going to use. and then enable Progression in the Main tab, and your set. you need to babysit it some, and do bandits manually. Was removed recently. is no longer present