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  1. Bot can't use quad stash tab?

    I think the bot can indeed use them but im not 100% on that go back to version .71 (around there) change notes when special tabs were added and check got bored and looked Yes
  2. dont use Alt key to loot. Neversinkg Regular works well enough. The ctrl issue seems to only pop up in me experience if I try to pause the bot mid transaction. Be it to a vendor or moving a map to the map device.
  3. purchased lifetime license 2014

    i hope it was my post that fixxed it
  4. purchased lifetime license 2014

    the account name is case sensative when entering it.
  5. bot attact friendly

    any minions that are not summoned via spell(SRS Zombies, Golems, ect) ther bot will target and get stuck attacking if it doesn't have a despawn timer
  6. BOT stopping

    For the Stuck in HO.Town it seems like its an issue with Tab detection. i check my lastrun and see that the bot is stuck becasuse it thinks the chaos recipe tab is full when its really on the wrong tab (and that tab isnt even full) Current workaround is the set up a 30 minutes restartcmd prompt. @echo off :start echo Time to wait timeout /t 1800 /nobreak taskkill /im PathOfExile.exe echo Loop One goto start What I use.
  7. I run 20iIQ(+ 90 from biscos) and about 90IIR(+140 from biso's) and earncouple ex per 24 hours on a good day. Total..not pure. 2-300 chaos + about 1-140 fus 4-600 jewel and 1-3 divine
  8. bot wont finish breaches

    dont use flicker strike if your hoping to farm breach's
  9. Can this bot be used other ways than farming?

    there is nto really any profile sharing. Each iteration of configs are of your own design.
  10. (v0.71h) Bot doesn't kill frozen POE

    atm the best solution for this is make a batch file close POE at a 30-60 minute interval
  11. Bot-Networking function

    Bad idea. One bot banned, they all get banned.
  12. Current state of the bot?

    with the new pathing for cyclone it should work well but it wopuld be a little slow. I would suggest trying out sunder instead
  13. Team viewer or similar program with bot

    Teamviewer works fine but you could log into the account being botted via and check. You dont need a Licence for teamviewer Just get Ahk and use this script to close the Sponsored Popup. DetectHiddenWindows, on WinWait, Sponsored session, This was a free session sponsored by ;Wait for the sponsored session { WinActivate ;Make sure it is the active window SendInput {Enter} ;Close it. This window selects 'OK' by default. sleep, 100 WinMinimize, ahk_class #32770 ;Minimize the Teamviewer application (Computer list and the main control panel) reload }
  14. CURRENCY picked

    Because Currency Items cannot be controlled by the pickit file I already talked to Alc about this and he confirmed that currency items cannot be ignored via pickit file, but did agree that if there was enough demand for it he would invest the time into added the new currencies to the list of currencies on the pickit menu that can be ignored if checked. I made a quick paint image of waht I feel would be best in regard to space availiable vs options needed.

    Run bot without hiding inside another application, to many programs crash so its easier to jsut run normally