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  1. Pick items and auras activation

    Enable Smart Pickit, Switch to a Custom loot filter (modify neversink normal filter via to only show RGB, 6S/6L, Chance bases, Rares, uniques) Disable RGB items on bot if you don't want chrom orbs, it will grab a lot less junk that way For aura's make sure that you have the correct aura's set on the Keybindings AND in the bot. if E is Anger then the bot needs to know that it's supposed to be anger. if W is Herald of Thunder then the bot needs to be set that W is Herald of Thunder
  2. add a feature for trading

    Considering the trade messages tell you exactly where the item is and what tab I could see this working. UT this also brings the risk of the bot selling the wrong items for to little, free, detecting trade window items dealing with offers instead of exact price. I'm on mobile but the risk outweighs the gain I think. Plus it exposes you character to other player A LOOT more thus increasing chances of getting caught
  3. bot doesn't alchemy map

    if you store currency only in tab 1 Loot in tabs 2,3,4 set Stash tabs as 2,3,4,1 or it can't grab currency on the bot NOT in game
  5. Bug

    Also as a Side note you should use Smart pickit. the forcesell does a good job as is, and you can get the updated version from its updated for abyss. going off SupZerg reset key bindings to default just to be safe
  6. no one is willing to risk their accounts to help out someone else, figuring out the bot and the best way to earn currency is up to each person to learn on their own. some help can be found on the discord but a full clearshot method to earning currency will not be given to you.
  7. 1-70 powerlvling

    leveling needs to be done manually after act 4(act 1,2,3,4 are only ones completely done) but usually its a good idea to run act 1-2 up until bandits then let the bot run, until about Act 9 when you can farm aquaducts till early 70's (3-6 hours depending on build) then finish campaign and get geared for low tier maps and let it run loose
  8. Very strange bug

    its stuck trying to go to stash tab 7(probably to check it has currency to upgrade the map) Try putting you currency tab before you map tab ingame so it can load the currency tab before the maps Make your Map Tab part of your stash tabs Also so make it look like Chaos tab, stash tab, stash tab, stash tab, stash tab, stash tab, Map tab, Map tab, Currency tab (Double check this i am rather tired) Also generally i have issue copying VM's so I found it best to just manually recreate one from scratch. Including installing Frameworks, directX, the onyl thing you want to copy over is the .ggpk Also only 1 chaos tab is really needed. I've only ever ran out of space after 3-4 days nonstop(unchecked) botting with 5 storage tabs 1 currency, 3 map, 1 chaos and the chaos tab never fills up.
  9. need summon animate guardian option

    you could always just make a Bob Guardian
  10. VMware path of exile HARDCORE LAGS

    windows 7 lite (found on TPB) is your best bet. you just need to find and install all prereqs such as net frameowrk 4.7 directX, and I usually recommend installing some windows updates. Make sure to do this on a fresh VMware OS not a formated windows 10 system. Also consider checking out POEsmoother(ownercore) its awesome. freee version smooths things out, paid version removes all the things that might even cause a micro stutter but its pricy, and Per league(for updates)
  11. this was last league but it was a Ele Wander. This league im doing a Flicker/sunder with 60-70IIQ no bisco's
  12. Exiled bot review ??

    it takes over the Mouse so it's recommended to use a VM. You can farm maps none stop easily. I earn 300+ chaos pure a day with 1 character not including about ~200 fus 1-2 exa, on 1 character that i spent maybe 3 ex at start of league gearing This league via botting only currency i've made 14 6 link items nettting me over ~100ex profit It offers a Lifetime license option which no other bot does at the cost of being slightly less fancy. only 4 account banned in 4 years. one was a 24/7 botting account that went nearly nonstop for 1 yhear before it was banned 3 were level 30-40 accounts that got banned after about 3 months since that one 24/7 account got banned 3 years ago no bans since Other Bots offer higher currency/hour but at the cost of being much much more bot like usually when a big patch drops(3.1 for example) it can take Alk(big boss) 2-3 days to get basic botting back and as much as a week for full functionality so Pros Less likely to be banned(have you seen all the bot videos on reddit, this bot doesn't do that) Lifetime license Cons 2-3 day update time with major patches lower profit at the cost of more safety Decent learning curve I do not RMT so that also probably why i've not been caught yet. half the botter's I know who get banned a lot have a lot of bots running and RMT, so do with that what you will. I know eventually i'll get caught but I pray thats a few years down the road.
  13. Abyss features

    uhhh, Shaper/Elder Items are not temp league they are permanent mechanics that other than some tweaking should be here to stay I SERIOUSLY doubt that the introduced mechanics ion 3.1(excluding abyss) will be removed any time soon
  14. I dont have a perma key any longer?

    Username is case sensitive when entering in account name/key Also if you asked a\Alc to change your display name you need to use your Old display name still i believe. Thats how it is for me at least.
  15. PoE Frozen but bot not killing it

    This is a nice simple .bat file you can use to auto kill the bot after (however much time you set) This tends to happen in VM's for me regardless of what I do so just leave the Bat running in the background(make sure to minimize it) | @echo off :start echo Time to wait timeout /t 3600 /nobreak taskkill /im PathOfExile.exe echo Restart Loop goto start Change timeout /t 3600 to whatever amount of time you want 3600 is 1 hour 1800 30 mins