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  1. loot filter = bot filter

    lol id them, use them for chaos recipes and whatever just skip all the useless ones but i beleive it aint possible xD
  2. i have no clue what is hard to program or what is not, so dont get offended xD my idea is to have the bot to only take the rares that your filters will show up. ignoring all others. maybe possible, maybe not? maybe it actually exist and i never noticed?
  3. also Arena map t8 if bot go wrong way, he thinks map is over when the ''arena'' has no door, although he should come back and go the opposite way to get to the boss.
  4. erroe when i open bot

    might want to lower your graphic details, it seems you are out of video memory xD but i never used VM so i cant tell...

    I have been botting on my main account since i got the bot. Never had any trouble. Sometime when i get home from work or wake up, i just go AFK in POE(everybody go afk in a game at some point) i think it is more dangerous to transfer orbs to your main from a dummy account. but that is personal. if you bot on your main, try to keep your friend list small, with only people you REALLY trust, since only way i see of getting banned, is getting reported. And by the way, i live in a house with my brother and he also play path of exile. We both have same IP. never had any trouble with that. but i dont BOT 24/24 nor am i connected 24/24 Stay safe, and yes, you are way better botting then spending real $$ for orbs
  6. Skill Config For Ancestral Totem

    never setted it, but try to use a cooldown of like 4second, with a range of like 20yards, and it should, in theory, work.
  7. Pickit Normal Item

    if you need scroll of wisdom, sell you transmute, blacksmith stone and armorer scrap at vendor. from 1 night botting you should have well enought scrolls O_O
  8. 1st: in line 37 make sure you dont ignore rare maps 2nd: in line 45 put // so he dont upgrade to magic 3rd: in line 46, take off the // so he upgrade them to rare. should be good
  9. is bot down??

    guys, somehow when i woke up thismirning bot works again with version B (O)_(O)
  10. Да, это бот для всех нас, кто сделал обновление. Нам просто нужно ждать «alkpone», чтобы обновить сам бот
  11. Bot Keeps Crashing

    pretty bot is down, personally, when i activate it, it keeps going upward each like 4 second as each times it needs an update...
  12. is bot down??

    damn xD. i told my friend and he did not download the patch, now he is sleeping with the bot running. i now hate him
  13. is bot down??

    ok did you download patest patch like 1hour ago?
  14. i download latest patch and bot seem to be buggy O_O?
  15. will bot work for 3.0 friday?

    heh i understand:) its just that i am working till 5to10PM eastern time lmfao, so i will only be able to play like 45minutes, then i woulds tart the bot on act2 begining lol:P