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  1. Pickit Normal Item

    if you need scroll of wisdom, sell you transmute, blacksmith stone and armorer scrap at vendor. from 1 night botting you should have well enought scrolls O_O
  2. 1st: in line 37 make sure you dont ignore rare maps 2nd: in line 45 put // so he dont upgrade to magic 3rd: in line 46, take off the // so he upgrade them to rare. should be good
  3. is bot down??

    guys, somehow when i woke up thismirning bot works again with version B (O)_(O)
  4. Да, это бот для всех нас, кто сделал обновление. Нам просто нужно ждать «alkpone», чтобы обновить сам бот
  5. Bot Keeps Crashing

    pretty bot is down, personally, when i activate it, it keeps going upward each like 4 second as each times it needs an update...
  6. is bot down??

    damn xD. i told my friend and he did not download the patch, now he is sleeping with the bot running. i now hate him
  7. is bot down??

    ok did you download patest patch like 1hour ago?
  8. i download latest patch and bot seem to be buggy O_O?
  9. will bot work for 3.0 friday?

    heh i understand:) its just that i am working till 5to10PM eastern time lmfao, so i will only be able to play like 45minutes, then i woulds tart the bot on act2 begining lol:P
  10. Chaos Breaches Outside Maps - Myth or Fact?

    lvl68 area or higher. so in definition, if theres an area on act5 that is at least lvl68+ then it possibly can.
  11. will bot work for 3.0 friday?

    just wondering if, will bot work for 3.0 friday?(tomorow)
  12. Hello from France

    salut, je suis du canada francais:). la meilleur chose a faire cest de ne pas botter 24/7 a mon avis. comme l'autre a dit, rien de tel que de partir le bot quand tu va au travail ou quand tu dors:) le reste du temps sois tu es offline ou bien tu te met AFK. parce tlm est AFK a tout les jeux a un moment ou un autre LOL. et ce n'est aucunement comparable a D3. sur path of exile cest du ''manual inspection'' contrairement a d3 ou c'est des programs anti-cheat donc ne garde aucune personne en qui tu na pas confiance dans ta friend list parce que la facon de se faire ban tant qua moi, c'est de se faire ''report'' in game
  13. does bot works with blade vortex?

    what would be MAX and MINIMUM distance i should use with blade vortex? edit: as soon as bot is up to date i plan on buying it
  14. does bot works with blade vortex?

    yea i didnt buy a membership yet but id like to know if it would work with blade vortex if anybody knows