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  1. Bro, you are a magician! Everything works super well, thank you very much for settings!
  2. Understand that and I do not argue (I saw it all), but the poebotty's message is very intrigued me, if he really has configured the cyclone, I would be very grateful for informations.
  3. So, my main qwestion was HOW to setup cyclone? Can you post your settings for it?
  4. Hello, can anybody suggest how to configure the use of this skill? I've tried a lot of options, but could not get results. It is even possible?
  5. Help configuring Dominus run

    Same prob with Dom runs here...
  6. Bot Fail

    Hi guys, I have recently been using a bot, but the problem is the same: sometimes he just takes a item and stops him in his hand ... it happens in the town, MUCH more frequently in the hideout when bot try to sell loot or crafted map. Sometimes he comes out in the login screen, sometimes just standing. Sometimes the bot just stops working after coming to the map, the bot program window does not close, but the cursor does not move and I have to press "start bot" button again. Another problem: on the map bot starts to go left - right at the same place as long as until the end of the period of idle, then log out... Can anybody help with the solution of these problems, as quite impossible to leave a bot, this fact negates the main advantage of the bot, as you know yourself.