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  1. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    I'm in the market old buddy
  2. Selling 100ex in Standard for 60.00 USD Pm me Paypal only.
  3. Poe Service & Currency

    I have bought from this gentleman and he is awesome!
  4. WTB 200 ex in Standard. Thanks much.
  5. Need help

    No quest. Make sure you have your left mouse button set to walk/move. Post your combat and movement settings.
  6. WTB: Mirror Standard.

    Lets start @ 120.00
  7. Poe Service & Currency

    PM sent.
  8. Rmt/mule/dead drop/delete

    A friend of mine wanted a large amount of orbs and I wanted to give him the least likely way to not get banned. I made an account and got him up to 40ish, bought XXX ex from a good RMT'er, made a public party, dropped them on the ground, then deleted account. I really can't think of a better way other than using another mule. I guess the question I have is how much work would have to go in to find the final destination of those orbs? Would / Could GGG track that down if the original mule was popped.
  9. WTB: Mirror Standard.

    I just need to own one XD Thanks much.
  10. Mirror of Kalandra on my bot

    Sell it to me
  11. Mirror of Kalandra on my bot

    Congrats buddy!
  12. Map IPD with all Affixes

    Is this up to date? I haven't been in path for some time. Thanks much.
  13. Mapping. Power leveling.

    I'm confused. I thought the picket and map files were scripts that could be edited?
  14. Hey all. Looking for a script for mapping or tips on a good selection of maps/mods for leveling my tune from 87-93 from my hideout. Thanks in advance.