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  1. Bot Alerter - Custom Field

    Redirected from my thread to here. Yes I like this. We'll see, hopefully we can get it. My examples were: "Add alerts for Scorn, Envy, Misery, Dread"
  2. Have bot buy Elreon rings daily from Elreon?

    Agreed. Ty. Edit: Just thought I would float the idea, in case it was like a super easy implementation. But I agree, probably not much demand for this feature. Thx.
  3. 3 bots banned simultaneously

    All I can say is that GGG has done something new in teh past 3-4 weeks. I run a handful of bots, and only 1 was banned about a week ago. This account was about 2-3 years old, is the weird part.
  4. Is this possible without too much investment of time? If hideout, if Elreon is in hideout, if Daily Mission available: Launch daily mission. Type /abandondaily, interact with Elreon, find: ring/amulet, must have "Elreon's" prefix. Purchase. Don't check elreon for ~12 hours, or if bot has an internal clock: until next reset time.
  5. Thanks. still think this would be good
  6. These 4 Essences are quite rare, but when the Remnant of Corruption item is used on them, they have a chance of rolling the T1 Essences, which can only be obtained through this method. These item prices range in value from 15-50c. I realize that Alk and the Dev team works very hard and is staying busy, but I just wanted to add this suggestion to the list, for future added features. Thanks.
  7. Edit: This might be nit-picky, but the "Character Slot #" option has given me issue for quite some time. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I've been botting for quite some time now, and some of my accounts have many characters. If the character I want to bot with is far down in my character list, it can get buggy, in addition to taking up additional time on relogs/crash restarts. I try to fix this by always having the new character's name starting with a letter earlier in the alphabet, since the char list is sorted alphabetically. This ensures that my newest char (for the new league) is always at the top, in position 1. But if "League Select" was an option, the bot could select the league, and then the character position in that league. Likely only 1 position, but could be a couple I suppose, for the average player. For example, my current character is in character position 12. Getting to 12 can be buggy. But he's my only character in "Standard Harbinger" league. So I'd like to have the bot choose "Standard Harbinger", and then Character Position 1.
  8. Chance items before deciding to stash

    Oh really? Okay that's good to know... I see some white items in my stash when I have this feature active, but then again, that's after I transfer all currency off the bot. So, that would make sense. Good to know, thanks.
  9. Carry X amount of Chance Orbs in inventory (similar to Wisdom and Portal scroll option), or just 20 by default, because that's all you'd need to maintain. If I want to set Occultist Vestment (for Shavronne's Wrappings) to Chance... Currently, the bot knows to pick up white Occultist Vestment, and then stash the item for manual chancing later. As you would expect, this fills up stash space quite quickly, and adds to the manual labor of muling/selling/transfering/sifting through items. Recommended, Carry Chance Orb in inventory. Pick up selected white item. Once reaching town/hideout, before [using Wisdom Scrolls to ID any particular rares and/or run Sell Item commands + Stash items/currency orbs + check Chaos Tab for missing items], the bot will Chance Orb the white item in inventory. From here, the bot will continue to do its necessary duties and follow the pickit file (e.g. if it rolls rare, and player has Chaos Recipe Rare, it will likely put it in the Chaos Tab if no Body Armour is already in there). BUT, if it rolls unique, it will stash the item, because you (hopefully) have Shavronne's Wrappings set to [StashItem] == "true" in your pickit file!!!! Easy Peasy. Likely not too demanding for the developers, and brings tremendous efficiency and wealth potential to Exiled Bot customers.
  10. This is one of the rippiest things in the game. It can cause exp and time loss, and for the small # of HC botters, it can cause huge time lost from RIPs. If there's a way for the bot to recognize Bearer Orbs as entities and kite away within a certain radius, this would be huge. I've often seen the bot walk into a dense pack of freshly killed mobs to pick up the loot, and just stand in bearers, only to have to chicken. If the mobs die at the same time (which is usually the case), the orbs will detonate within the same fraction of a second, which will lead to an inevitable RIP.
  11. Just want to add my initial Alert/Pushbutton experience/feedback. Pushbutton seems great. Thank you very much for adding alerts. An option to add would be "invite character". As this could be helpful if bots are looking for certain Alerts, like masters, for your main account. For example, I'm looking for masters with my bots, and then I invite my main to go do the mission. So add "Create Portal", and "Invite Player" (insert player's name here).
  12. What the fuck is so funny to you? I had a very specific question that does not relate to a staple build.
  13. What's best ascendancy and what combat settings on bot? I will only do 1 Lab at MOST. So it has to be an effective 2 points in the Ascednancy. Thx
  14. Not sure if this is a feature request for PoE, or something entirely different, but I would really like the option for my bot or game to immediately disconnect/exit if it detects a specific amount of packet loss or lag. All of my RIPs have come from either my internet or the PoE servers going down. In which case my bot just sits in game trying to do things because it isn't away of the issue. Thoughts? Possible?
  15. I don't think GGG has any way to report what % of the map you've covered.