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  1. Then you should pm Alkpone.
  2. В чем сырость продукта? Все работает ровно так, как ты настроишь. Для подбора карт необходимо активировать Smart pickit. В pickit файле можешь правила подбора и продажи всех вещей настроить.
  3. Try to activate your key without using any proxies or vpn. Also user name is case sensitive.
  4. Никак, это нормально. Следи чтобы скроллы были в запасе всегда. Поднимать все подряд смысла нет, просто настрой pickit так, чтобы проблемы не возникало.
  5. Need help. Vmware "Invalid vector".

    What are you expecting to achieve by bumping this thread? This is clearly VMWare problem, so try using Google instead.
  6. Help with setup

    Most likely you have wrong stash tabs configuration. Bot should transmute maps by default as far as I remember.
  7. Pickit help!

    Bot comes with a nice pickit profile, so just enable smart pickit.
  8. New here and Key wont work

    Try to use your keys without proxy. And make sure your username is typed correctly.
  9. In this build working with exiled-bot?

    Sure why not. I botted to 100 lvl with Reave once.
  10. Possible to get a refund?

    Hi! You should contact Alkpone directly.
  11. Привет, проблема известна, будет исправлена.
  12. Try experimenting with HO layout. With certain layouts you can almost completely avoid this issue.
  13. making bot team. 1 mf an 1 aura

    No. And never will be.
  14. Is your bot running? Or not updated yet?

    Yes it should be attached to a 32 bit process.