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  1. making bot team. 1 mf an 1 aura

    No. And never will be.
  2. Is your bot running? Or not updated yet?

    Yes it should be attached to a 32 bit process.
  3. Is your bot running? Or not updated yet?

    I believe there could have been a delay with updating bot for Steam game version, but for Vanilla client bot always gets patches very fast (<12 hours). Currently bot is working.
  4. Can't download the bot

    You should buy it first.
  5. Absolutely incorrect stash tabs settings. In the first line you should list the order numbers of all tabs that you want bot to use.
  6. what hapens if I get caut boting ?

    Chris slaps your butt.
  7. Exile bot

    Hi. Sure.
  8. Этот режим недоработан и требует ручного контроля. Большого смысла им пользоваться в текущем состоянии нет.
  9. Торговый бот

    Никто в здравом уме не станет делиться таким ботом.
  10. Try reinstalling everything.
  11. PoE crashing at startup

    I guess nobody uses virtualbox here.
  12. Bot stuck taking out map

    Make sure you configured your stash tabs correctly, Post a screenshot of your pickit tab settings.
  13. No. Bot can't work with minimized game client.