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  1. Need help with bot chaos recipe

    You should list all stash tabs that you want bot to use in the first line (Stash tabs). Currency tab should be the last one. Why so high numbers?? Why 4 tabs for chaos recipe? One is enough. Your tabs settings should look like: Stash tabs: 1,2,3,4 Currencies: 4 Chaos: 3 Map: 2
  2. Need help with bot chaos recipe

    Post screenshot of your pickit tab.
  3. My KEY doenst Exist

    Have you used your key before? Username is case sensitive, so make sure you type it correctly.
  4. Botting on same MAC address as main

    Just use a VM.
  5. Bot should be able to do this afaik. Try to make it ignore scrolls and delete from pickit.
  6. What's hard with combat options?? Just set higher priority and some cooldown like 8000 ms.
  7. Q&A/Вопросы и ответы

    Не установлено всё необходимое ПО для работы бота. https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/5216-compendium/
  8. Two accounts under different IP

    You should buy bot license first.
  9. Actually abyss mechanics is not supported.
  10. Are you using some kind of proxy?
  11. 1-70 powerlvling

    Progression tab.
  12. Bot does not work

    You should launch it using admin privileges.
  13. New league Bot do not work

    The most updated info is always in Discord.
  14. WTS/WTT Queen of The Forerst 6l

    I'll start with 5 necropolis maps.