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  1. yes, i used Rf build log time a go was very good check my post i have some screen shots also
  2. Hi, i have a marauder lvl 89 good gear can do easy T8 maps if you don't open boxes and Dps is 60k + price is 70 dollars, full access of the mail pm if you are interested. I have good reputation on this forum. Thanks
  3. manyack199 Skype ID I'll help you for free today 15:00 Gmt
  4. Ideal pc build for 20+ VMware and exiled bot runs?

    This price is without vpn?
  5. + for auto upgrade of maps if is possible
  6. me also i have the same issue some times when i die also crash...
  7. +1 here after few runs bot starts maps from eternal lab
  8. +1 because a normal player is doing this will make bot more human
  9. 0.50j

    Do a fresh install off the bot for me is working perfect.
  10. Updated pickit

    Thanks for your time and effort m8.
  11. How to set up a summoner

    Cwd+flesh offering+ desecrate