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  1. updated pickit

    You can check out my pickit thread, it is usually the most updated. Link in my sig. Will also be looking into market prices for items a week in to figure what uniques should be picked up.
  2. are you able to sustain a specific map?

    Could be a couple of things... but the best thing to do is to watch your bot farm for a while and see what it is doing. When trying to sustain map pools, you need the bot to basically clear the majority of the map to maximize chance of dropping more maps. If you have high mf and are vendoring a lot of shit, you're probably blowing through your portals way before getting to clear most of the map. Also check that the layout isn't messing you up either, some map tiles aren't as bot friendly as you imagine, and if bot gets stuck, it will timeout and consider map complete.
  3. Bot can't remember stash

    How many stash tabs you using? Post a screenshot of the pickit tab from the bot GUI, it should show your stash tab settings.
  4. Playing with bot

    This bot will NOT follow another character. You can manually follow the bot with yours though.
  5. Clicking top right corner is usually only 2 things.... updated offsets needed or someone using DX11 instead of 9.
  6. Aton's Nigtmare Crashes

    Get me inventory dump of the map for metadata, and then we can send the Alk.
  7. Tier 15 beachhead map

    I've sent Alk the map info already, it's really up to him to add it. Maybe send him message on Discord... the more ppl that want it, the more likely he will allocate some time to add it.
  8. Recasting Auras....

    Post your skill.ini file and what keys poachers and hatred are assigned to.
  9. It is "Pushbullet" not pushbutton. I think just adding a customization field might cover this like my suggestion here - I thought we were supposed to have the custom part of it when the feature was introduced, but sadly no...
  10. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    So I went ahead and modified pickit to sell Zahndethus' Cassock and Murder Mitts and not Dialla's Malefaction and Malachai's Mark. My updated pickit is in my PickIt thread, link in my sig.
  11. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    This is correct - the new items would sell because they have a similar base type with another item. We would need to differentiate the items with a mod check. Best bet is to comment (add //) in front of the two existing lines.
  12. Use my chaos for zana's mod

    Terrible idea - 1. Having bot throw 5 chaos on a map that it might or might not run properly (either due to map layout or bot just making mistakes) is not good. 2. The chances that a headhunter is going to drop is very low, and for 5 chaos a pop, is way unreasonable. 3. The bot doesn't chance leather belts in the map, only when it is at the stash, so no point in having bot trying to chance headhunters.
  13. multiple bots

    Do you have 2 licenses?