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  1. Loot Filters?

    You can have bot NOT use Alt for pickup and just make sure that the loot filter you are using does NOT hide anything the bot wants, or it'll get stuck. This will cut down on trash pickups. I use Neversinks as well btw.
  2. Good day! I have a concern regard my default pickit. The bot loots blue,white items and stash them all on my stash tabs. I dont know what to do since i already check items which the bot should pick up but it still pick white and blue items. Ex. flash, white amu,rings and blue armors also. And also how can you setup the bot to autosell? like for a chaos recipe? sorry for the question just recently started botting. 

    I hope you can give me some insight. Appreciate the help! Thanks a bunch!
  3. This line is an either/or line. By having this line uncommented like you have, you shouldn't have any other line further down commented, or vice versa. I recommend you comment this line and choose the map type individually.
  4. Alert when Master found in map

    Yup, +1 from me on this. I've been asking for something like this for over a year.
  5. 1. In the future, don't post your whole ipd file; you can use spoilers. 2. Change - [map_player_no_regeneration] to ---> [map_players_no_regeneration_including_es] Or just grab a current version of my maprunner file, thread/file link in my sig.
  6. My bot keep selling Unique Items?

    First, read the pickit guide in my sig. You can keep all uniques by keeping that line uncommented like it says to do and either deleting or commenting the rest of the lines in the unique section. By default, the bot sells trash uniques which is most of them. It is far better to just go and search which uniques you want to keep in addition to the high value ones (already listed to keep by default) than deal with stash tabs full of shit uniques.
  7. Bot keeps dying from elemental damage

    I bot HC, and this really isn't an issue for me, pretty much for the reasons I mentioned above.
  8. Bot keeps dying from elemental damage

    Pretty much same answer to people hand playing... better build, better dmg mitigation, higher effective life pool, or better flasking/regen/leech. If you run a crit build, ur going to kill yourself more often than a RT build while botting... if ur not maxed out on res of type of ele dmg ur attacking with, ur going to kill yourself faster. If you have sub 4-5k effective life pool late game, your prob going to die more. If ur pots are underleveled and slow then you won't be able to out pot the damage. If it is fire based, use arctic armour; also some items give more mitigation for the particular element. Exact same circumstances that happens to players playing manually. Check out POE forums, especially in regards to HC players, for more tips.
  9. Probably because those items were listed to be forcesell. I'd recommend reading my pickit guide, link in my sig.
  10. Biggest Path of Exile exploit ever (fixed)

    Why post this if it has been fixed? Looks like your trying to get views for your vid, bc this post is worthless.
  11. Maybe use of detonate mines with trigger skill?
  12. Request: Scouring rare maps

    Not worth it unless you're trying to reroll high yellows or red maps really. Bot can reportedly reroll with chaos using [RerollMods] with [Rarity] == "Rare"... again, with how cheap you can buy maps, isn't something I would do.
  13. And to what time send a key from the boat

    Key from the boat? You going fishing or something? If your waiting for a licenses key, that should be pretty quick via paypal. If you paid via bitcoin you need to get in contact with the system admin Alkpone; send him pm.
  14. maps only

    Running maps is what this bot does primarily. If it is going to a zone, something is up with your setup. If you haven't read through the maprunner guide in my sig, then do that first. Also read the stash settings in the pickit guide, that seems to be the culprit for many ppl having issues with mapping.