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  1. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    So I went ahead and modified pickit to sell Zahndethus' Cassock and Murder Mitts and not Dialla's Malefaction and Malachai's Mark. My updated pickit is in my PickIt thread, link in my sig.
  2. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    This is correct - the new items would sell because they have a similar base type with another item. We would need to differentiate the items with a mod check. Best bet is to comment (add //) in front of the two existing lines.
  3. Use my chaos for zana's mod

    Terrible idea - 1. Having bot throw 5 chaos on a map that it might or might not run properly (either due to map layout or bot just making mistakes) is not good. 2. The chances that a headhunter is going to drop is very low, and for 5 chaos a pop, is way unreasonable. 3. The bot doesn't chance leather belts in the map, only when it is at the stash, so no point in having bot trying to chance headhunters.
  4. multiple bots

    Do you have 2 licenses?
  5. portal scroll waste

    This does indeed happen in towns such as Forest Encampment and Overseer's Tower more often than not. Which town were you talking about specifically?
  6. The map needs to be in your inventory when you do the dump, you only had id and tp scrolls.
  7. There's not really a reason to have 15 tabs, especially having the one with currency as the 15th one. Try cutting down to something like 6-7 and make sure the "stash tabs" line has ALL of the tabs the bot is using. Stash tabs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Currencies: 7 Chaos Tabs: 5,6 Map Tabs: 4 Something like that. Also, I would enable the smart pickit. Map and pickit guides in my sig.
  8. I'm giving it probably a 75% chance that it's not setup correctly. Please upload that screenshot.
  9. Are your stash tabs setup correctly in the bot gui pickit tab? You can post a screenshot of it if you like.
  10. indentify items

    Bot can do this, just comment or delete the item checks you don't want. Pickit guide in my sig for more info.
  11. The bot doesn't have the proper tier associated with T16 maps. We can help the devs by getting a inventory dump of the map through the bot. To do this put only the map into inventory. Start bot and immediately pause it (F12). Press (F7) and you will get inventory dump message. Look in bot log folder for dump.txt file and post contents here.
  12. Download zip file again, extract all of it, config files should be extracted accordingly in respective folder. I've honestly never heard of this problem before, maybe something is wrong with your extraction tool.