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  1. Pickit Stash 0.74d

    stashitem > sellitem maybe thats the problem?
  2. discord link problem?

    got a new channel already, link is in slider on top
  3. Should i purchase the bot?

    most users are in discord, u can find the link in the big slider on top ob the website. the bot is working
  4. Losing my equipped items.

    try to run the bot from hideout. the lag in town might cause the loss of items
  5. Funktion absprung vor TOD

    sorry für die späte antwort: anleitungen gibt es einige, alle aber auf englisch. meinst du mit der funktion, dass er sich ausloggen soll, bevor er stirbt? das nennt man "chicken" und ist im flask tab vom bot
  6. make sure ure admin on ur pc and install autohotkey 32 bit unicode. dont compile the scripts run the ahk files as admin
  7. let me show u my approach, didnt use it for quite some time but it should still work. its made for 800x600 resolution and it needs images of the item u want to chance (belt.png) and the 2 orbs. maybe u can use it or get inspiration for your own script: CoordMode, Pixel, Client Coordmode, Mouse, Client Gui, Add, Button, x5 y5 w40, Do it! Gui, Add, text, x50 y10 w40, try: Gui, Add, text, vtrys x65 y10 w30, 0 Gui, Add, Button, x5 y28 w90, Exit Gui, -MinimizeBox -MaximizeBox Gui, Show,, Card return ^j:: pause GuiClose: buttonexit: ExitApp Buttondoit!: sleep 1000 winactivate, Path of Exile sleep, 500 Loop, { ImageSearch, beltX, beltY, 430, 320, 804, 480, *60 belt.png if ErrorLevel = 1 { goto, itsdone } ImageSearch, chanceX, chanceY, 430, 320, 804, 480, *60 chance.png if ErrorLevel = 1 { goto, itsdone } sleep 100 MouseClick, right, %chanceX%, %chanceY% sleep 300 MouseClick, left, %beltX%, %beltY% sleep 300 try++ GuiControl,, trys , %try% ImageSearch, scourX, scourY, 430, 320, 804, 480, *100 scour.png if ErrorLevel = 1 { goto, itsdone } sleep 100 MouseClick, right, %scourX%, %scourY% sleep 300 MouseClick, left, %beltX%, %beltY% sleep 300 } itsdone: return
  8. come to discord, ppl tend to be more active there
  9. Is there any possibility to refund?

    send alkpone a msg about that matter
  10. Bot beta

    u should tell ggg to stop patching. would make things much easier
  11. Does my lisence stops?

    and what poe version do u use?
  12. it would help if u tell us what area you are farming.
  13. Bot picks up items instead of killing

    what are ur actual skill settings for ur main skill
  14. also dont buy from websites, they are extremely overpriced.