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  1. WTS Mirror of kalandra HSC

    very cool !
  2. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    price update 0.8$ / ex
  3. WTS Mirror of kalandra HSC

    selling one for 120$ .... paypal only
  4. Bot Login to another character?

    u need to set the correct char position in bot gui, its 1 by default
  5. Hello.One Question.

    guide is a little outdated ^^ u find it under "manage purchases" now
  6. Can't use After LVL 35

    the bot has no level limitation build in. there must be some other issue, what does your lastrun.log say?
  7. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    prica updata!
  8. Bot startet spiel und macht nichts mehr

    du musst das spiel auf dx9 oder dx9ex umstellen, kannste in den poe optionen machen
  9. Help for dowonload

    u need to buy the bot before u can dl it.
  10. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    u looking for some or just wanna destroy my business
  11. Bot No Run =(

    bot does not support dx11. u can switch it in poe options
  12. Hi, its me again, Selling the most beautiful EX in the League!!!! Prices change every day, so ask for current price payment only Paypal Gift trade PRICE: 0.8$/EX (7.9.2017) You can find me in Discord: dynastyo#3207 or add me on skype: Have a nice day
  13. progression

    only act 1 and 2 (without bandits) are supported for now
  14. will bot work for 3.0 friday?

    alk needs to adjust changes from beta to release version, no one can say how long it will take, usually from 5h to 2 days
  15. v0.70g crashing

    disable progress mode, its just for act 1-2