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  1. Bot picks up items instead of killing

    what are ur actual skill settings for ur main skill
  2. also dont buy from websites, they are extremely overpriced.
  3. bot working?

    what coordinates? afaik offsets got updated like 14h ago so it should work just fine
  4. License key missing

    did u contact alkpone about that matter already? only he has access to that part of the database
  5. if u dont want to pickup trans aug etc. just delete the lines in the pickit file. the first issue is a bug that needs to be fixed, will discuss that with alk
  6. Bot loses activation

    there was trouble, its supposed to be fixed now
  7. Lifetime License

    server issues got fixed, keys still missing?
  8. Lifetime License

    is it fixed or is ur lifetime still missing?
  9. WTS Mirror of kalandra HSC

    very cool !
  10. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    price update 0.8$ / ex
  11. WTS Mirror of kalandra HSC

    selling one for 120$ .... paypal only
  12. Bot Login to another character?

    u need to set the correct char position in bot gui, its 1 by default
  13. Hello.One Question.

    guide is a little outdated ^^ u find it under "manage purchases" now
  14. Can't use After LVL 35

    the bot has no level limitation build in. there must be some other issue, what does your lastrun.log say?
  15. Selling Harbinger Exalteds with <3 0.8$/ex

    prica updata!