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  1. [WIP] Bot Restarter

    ur email is in the video
  2. Three drops, one rare. The rare is the one all the way on top. Loot like this: _RARE____ ___X_______ __________ Bot cycles the bottom two items then goes to the X mark to try to loot the rare, but doesn't loot the normal item. Endless cycle.
  3. Exiled-bot IRC Channel

    join plz
  4. CTRL key issue

  5. [WIP] Bot Restarter

    I figured it out, it's just not in my self interest to complete this at the moment. Google searches say that looking for a title of (Not Responding) should work.
  6. [1.0]: Work in progress Instructions: 1. Open path.txt 2. Input the path of the exiledbot.exe folder's exe. For example: D:\Server\Exiled_Bot_Beta_v0.22e\Exiled_Bot_Beta_v0.22e Elite status is not required. My new location login fix is changed for this aswell. Procedure: 1. Checks for the Exiled Bot process every 5 seconds. 2. If it's not running, it opens the bot 3. It waits for the window with a title of "Exiled Bot" starting in it 4. It sends the command to start the bot for the window with a title of "Exiled Bot" starting in it. Please be sure to rep me or donate if you like my work. EDIT: Needs a fix. Detection isn't right. New method found. Headache. Fixing later.
  7. [3.5] New Location Login Fix

    Image search version of this script is complete.
  8. Fixing this would improve looting functionality by loads. Haha, get it?
  9. It's been happening for a long time now. Remove the problematic stash tab from the stash tab choices "1,2,3,4" and run the bot for a while. Then, add the tab again.
  10. Automatically stagger the botting?...

    get vmware then
  11. I'd recommend clicking "manage" on "smart pickit" to add "leveling" pickit since the default pickit is pretty cool. Editing isn't working so I double posted. On manage, click open
  12. Is it possible to open 10 aura by eb?

    Mini-updates change some offsets or aura detection offset is messed up these days. It was good when the detection was released. Try a new build.
  13. You need to "grab" your mouse and keyboard when you enter your VM. Go to edit>preferences. Make sure your options looks like this : http://puu.sh/cCwNn.png To release once grabbed, press ctrl+alt. Make sure dxtory isn't binding shift to anything, aswell.
  14. [3.5] New Location Login Fix

    Updated, cleared up instructions, added the bit on unbinding weapon swap.