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  1. Need support aura from item Bestiary as https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Farrul's_Bite Aspect of the Cat and another Aspect of the ... Thank you.
  2. GAME 3.2 normal BOt ver.0.74 NO VM sometime my bot stuck in ho. 1. bot take a stuff about 5-6 and come in ho. 2. bot click at sell item in npc in coordinate set. 3.selling window is up ,bot click at stuff 1 2 3. 4.bot not click and 4 5 6 but it click at another coordinate around center of screen. 5.and loop click 1 2 3 , sometime it click accept but use a lot of time. but if i set bot sell item in town , it hasn't this problem. it click 1 2 3 4 5 6 and aceept. before patch 3.2 it's ok ,this problem happen after new patch. I tried change NPC in ho, it still has problem. checked XYcoordinate accpet button is right. Sorry for bad english. thank you sir.
  3. I use v.0.52g garena. I reconfigure everything in 0.52g. not copy. but bot often still bug click buy item at dried lake farming. Help plz. thank you.
  4. Aura problem in v0.52

    +1 same problem
  5. Bot fail

    i have same problem ,i think it wrong offset. bot trying to click in login position. i play in GGG server not garena.