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  1. bot can't use Target Corpses.

    REPORTED in forum and pm to alkpone No responding. ghost forum lol.
  2. bot can't use Target Corpses.

    bot lastest 0.74g normal It can't use Target Corpses. try use only raise zombie skill ,it walk pass corpses. thank you.
  3. Need support aura from item Bestiary as https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Farrul's_Bite Aspect of the Cat and another Aspect of the ... Thank you.
  4. GAME 3.2 normal BOt ver.0.74 NO VM sometime my bot stuck in ho. 1. bot take a stuff about 5-6 and come in ho. 2. bot click at sell item in npc in coordinate set. 3.selling window is up ,bot click at stuff 1 2 3. 4.bot not click and 4 5 6 but it click at another coordinate around center of screen. 5.and loop click 1 2 3 , sometime it click accept but use a lot of time. but if i set bot sell item in town , it hasn't this problem. it click 1 2 3 4 5 6 and aceept. before patch 3.2 it's ok ,this problem happen after new patch. I tried change NPC in ho, it still has problem. checked XYcoordinate accpet button is right. Sorry for bad english. thank you sir.
  5. 0.52g still dried lake farming bug

    I use v.0.52g garena. I reconfigure everything in 0.52g. not copy. but bot often still bug click buy item at dried lake farming. Help plz. thank you.
  6. Aura problem in v0.52

    +1 same problem
  7. Bot fail

    i have same problem ,i think it wrong offset. bot trying to click in login position. i play in GGG server not garena.