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  1. It's true, but how about making a guide for others?
  2. planning to buy new pc

    Yep, pretty much this, go for water cooling so you can always overclock anything if need be.
  3. I use all of your scripts, keep up the good work! If you have a donate button don't be afraid to post it
  4. Alert when GM whispers you

    Haha don't let it scare you from botting, I was farming the same area for at least for hours and of course a GM was in my instance town. Although it was way more common on WoW.
  5. hearthstone players

    I play every now and then, perfect game for casual games.
  6. Bot already paid for itself!

    I use playerauctions but I noticed people are selling on ebay as well so I'll probably start selling there too.
  7. Bot already paid for itself!

    I bought the lifetime pass for $25 and am currently only running two bots at a time and after a week it already paid for itself. A big thank you to alk, eb staff, and the community for the amazing tips and guides.
  8. Thank you EB team~~~plus some question

    I personally am too scared to do 24/7 botting so I do 12 hour cycles and have had no issues whatsoever. Just read up all the tips and guides and you should be fine.
  9. This obviously isn't an issue when people are running accounts using a VPN. Sometimes I bot on my main account on my laptop whenever I'm playing another game or doing a project on my main computer and today I got lucky. I kept farming the same zone and luckily looked at my laptop screen to see a GM messaged me asking me if I've had any luck with drops. I quickly stopped the bot and whispered back that RNG hates me and he laughed and moved on. Might just be a rare incident but I remember the famous WoW bot mmoglider had this feature and it can be helpful with situations like the one above.
  10. Use this site to trade currency easily!

    Yeah it's still pretty new but I've managed to sell some exalts on there and it beats having to spam trade channel.
  11. It's only in alpha?! This game looks amazing, definitely agree on what D3 should have looked like.
  12. Awesome script, thank you been using it a lot today.
  13. Use this site to trade currency easily!

    That's interesting, would that give them an advantage in anyway? I mean they pretty much dominate PlayerAuctions already.
  14. We all know about poe.xyz to trade items but it's pretty terrible when you want to trade currency so I've been using and having good success with POECEC.
  15. I agree with kosky, I tried different IIQ/IIR builds but so far it hasn't swayed me over a high dps build. With high dps I clear maps really fast and have actually found more uniques this way, but that's just my opinion.