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  2. So far this seems to have fixed it, i did also set my hideout according to what the specifications are aswell, so it was a combination of these 2 that fixed it, thank you!
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  4. Where i download the cheat?

    Hey guys,where can i download the cheat,i didn't find it
  5. Where i download the cheat?

    Hey guys,where can i download the cheat,i didn't find it
  6. продажа уников

    есть уже готовый файл? а то я что то не понял)))
  7. продажа уников

    В папке pickit редактируй ipd файл, см. forcesell версию.
  8. Подскажите где редактировать уникальные предметы которые бот поднимает, нужно чтобы не нужные уники продавал, а не клал в хранилище. Спасибо.
  9. I just changed the stashing delay to 600, however i cannot find the clicks per second option, but i will test the bot right now and tell you how it acts.
  10. My bot recast arctic armour forever. recast again and again and again and............ lastrun.log
  11. Look for this line in the system.ini and increase it to see if the issue persists ; Stashing delay, the slower the value the faster it will change between stash tabs with left and right arrow key, too low value may cause "overshoot" (when the selected tab goes over the needed one) stash_delay=400 You can try lowering this as well, not sure if this has anything to do with it actually ; AI clicks per second (default=10) AI_clicks_per_second=10
  12. I have found out why my bot is stopping but i do not know how to fix it, so it cannot find one of the stash tabs, apparently, however, it uses it to store anyways despite saying it cant find it. When this happens the bot idles, even when there is no idle setting set. At all. My settings account for my stashes that i want to use but the bot hasnt recognized this setting. lastrun.log
  13. @ Tier 3 (45 kills) Animate Weapons is cast. when it is cast, the bot will continue to attack the weapons until they disappear, which is usually 30 seconds or so.
  14. I don't understand, this animate weapon doesn't have a option to remove
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  16. Bumping this because I have this exact issue and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  17. Blade Flyrry настройка

    а Kit mode нужен? и как то можно чтобы он юзал скил без задержки?
  18. Bot mapping über Laboratory

    Hey, ich hab nen Problem wenn der Bot in einer Map stirbt geht er wieder ins Laboratory und geht ins nächste Portal (bis hierhin alles gut) allerdings fängt er dann an Auren etc durchzucasten macht ein TP geht zurück und sofort wieder in die map rein bis keine Portale mehr da sind. Kennt das Problem einer? Wenn er nicht stirbt rennt er die Map ganz normal durch.
  19. Blade Flyrry настройка

    Галочку maintain pressed key в настройках навыка поставь.
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  21. Помогите с настройкой скила Blade Flyrry. Спасибо.
  22. If you are like me and you bot zones or maps where there are good divination cards and also run multiple bots/only check on it every couple of days you know how painful it is to exchange inventories of divination cards(more so if you are on VM or a remote pc), so I've made a little script that exchanges all divination card in your inventory. Runs on AutoHotkey This is just got finished and: the code is a mess it's not nice you need to use the "change all" function in notepad++ if you want to tinker the sleep times or whatever it has no break hotkey so will go thru your whole inventory before finishing if you have a full inv and the item exchanged takes up more than the space freed from the card (1 slot) it will break most people probably won't have use for it, it literally only worth it if you have full invs of cards Usage: Press F5 to resize your poe window to the top left corner Go to Tasuni, chose exchange divination cards Press F6 Wait Attached to the post and Pastebin link if you want to "compile" it yourself, paste it into a txt and rename it to whatever.ahk divcard_exchange.ahk
  23. В config.ini увеличь max_monster_timeout=45 до нужного значения.
  24. Почему бот не убивает боссов: 1 ) при долгих схватках. Просто сваливает. 2) на картах, где боссы находятся в отдельных зонах и далеко от входа. Бот заходит к ним локацию и сразу же портуется. 3) если выполнено условие по % обследованию карты. Помню раньше он не уходил, пока босса не убьет. 50 % карт, бот не убивает босса!
  25. 新手 跪求

    网站上有一些很棒的指南。 尝试使用来翻译指南的大部分。
  26. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    So I went ahead and modified pickit to sell Zahndethus' Cassock and Murder Mitts and not Dialla's Malefaction and Malachai's Mark. My updated pickit is in my PickIt thread, link in my sig.
  27. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    This is correct - the new items would sell because they have a similar base type with another item. We would need to differentiate the items with a mod check. Best bet is to comment (add //) in front of the two existing lines.
  28. 2 New Item. How to add to pickup list

    But since it's not a new type wont it trash it? Look for the type under your pickit and make sure force sell is commented out ie: Dialla's Malefaction is a sage's robe which was already in game Edit: both murder mitts and sage's robe are force sell in the default pickit.
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