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  2. Bot not selling items

    In this gif show my problem
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  4. 0.71g support tencent edition?
  5. or just run the bot in a vm... and teamviewer on the host machine.
  6. Team viewer or similar program with bot

    Teamviewer works fine but you could log into the account being botted via and check. You dont need a Licence for teamviewer Just get Ahk and use this script to close the Sponsored Popup. DetectHiddenWindows, on WinWait, Sponsored session, This was a free session sponsored by ;Wait for the sponsored session { WinActivate ;Make sure it is the active window SendInput {Enter} ;Close it. This window selects 'OK' by default. sleep, 100 WinMinimize, ahk_class #32770 ;Minimize the Teamviewer application (Computer list and the main control panel) reload }
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  8. To integrate something like teamviewer to login to you pc from your phone to check if bot is not stuck and reset if needed. It can be done by team viewer but costs alot for lisence. Somekind similar program to monitor performance of bot form your phone while at work.
  9. Hello I have a easy suggestion that would improve bots performance overall. To put a line if a player died x amount of times in a map it would start a new map, it could be easily done with a single IF command line that it run a new map if it died x (adustable amount of times in a map) because what I noticed there are special types of maps and mods that bot will try to run and most likely die 6 times like I.E essence drain or other mods that means it will mostlikely die again so instead make a new map.
  10. Bot not selling items

    Pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help!!!!
  11. Bot Help with pickit

    You know that you can buy any gem cheap from vendor, right? We're not playing PoE 1.* anymore.
  12. true, but i already solved it by extracting the bot again and re-setting everything up (100% same settings) and it works. i got the slight feeling that once having it run and then changing settings + save + F11 messes up data in stack. the whole way settings are handled feels wrong, but then again, i dont have the source code to really judge. e.g. why not make a settings wpf seperately from the bot instance ?
  13. Bot Help with pickit

    If you want to pick up... ALL gems: go to the pickit-tab and set quality of gems to pick to 0 only want selected gems: open the pickit-file: remove the // in front of any gem you'd like to have picked up quality gems: go to the pickit-tab and set quality of gems to pick to the value you want.
  14. Wts Harbinger Exalts

    Price 2.3$/ex.
  15. recent bug finds

    Hello there, thanks for your time in testing and writing this. Next time mention bot version used too, i think this would help.
  16. Pickit Normal Item

    if you need scroll of wisdom, sell you transmute, blacksmith stone and armorer scrap at vendor. from 1 night botting you should have well enought scrolls O_O
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  18. Automatically resolution change

    Have you found a solution? Been having this issue for the longest time and only sometimes the bot manages to work properly which is really annoying.
  19. Post screenshots of your settings here. What help do you expect if you don't show us your settings.
  20. How many acts can this bot do?

    That's a bit misleading, It runs up until bandits in act 2, Pick your bandits then run it again it will complete act 2. It will do act 3 but get hung up in some spots. For the rest of the acts you just set it to clear that zone and it will pickup the quest items if you have that checked and as long as there's no quest obstacle in the way it will run to the map through other maps. It can clear everything.
  21. Is your bot OK? I've got banned three times so far.

    My ping to the poe server with PIA is 36ms
  22. i got the same problem. stashing maps into 2,3,4 he follows the rule and stashes them there but then he is going act 10 again
  23. Thanks Charawn, I just cancelled my StrongVPN subscription. Their ping all day was in the 1500-2000's, unacceptable... Is PIA's ping pretty good? Thanks again man!
  24. Pickit Normal Item

    Hello, Someone knows how to configure the bot to pick up all the items they drop (including the normal item), the normal and magic items it sells to the NPC and the rare ones it would store on the chest. I need Scrolls of Wisdoms ! Thank u !
  25. Hello everyone, I've started selling POE Currency again for the Harbringer league. I've been selling POE goods, for a few years and have also sold things in games such as Diablo2 and WoW. I used to be part of the support staff here, however I've given that up due to time restrictions. I have many return customers and all satisfied from all POE challenge leagues. I am a private seller, not a website or affiliated with any company in any way. First of all unlike most people selling currency, THIS CURRENCY IS NOT RESOLD AND IT IS NOT BOTTED! - which is why I don't sell from the start of the league, I value my customer's safety first. I can't stress this enough, GGG has been banning resellers/botters and people trading with them left and right for at least 6 months now harder than ever before. If you wish to know how the currency is obtained before you buy it, feel free to ask. My prices will be around the chepeast public currency stores out there, however I don't trade a lot of currency every day from one account like gold seller websites and also I NEVER RESELL. So this is the safest currency you can buy and DELIVERY IS BASICALLY INSTANT. However I don't try to compete in price with the chinese resellers/hackers who are looking to dump their currency instantly. This is safe clean currency, and I put quite a lot of work in obtaining it, and a small premium is in my opinion the way to go, if you value the safety of your account and the MTX you have on it. I take Paypal and Skrill as payment and I have high rep on other big trading websites for years, that I can show you. If you want to use paypal directly, you NEED TO BE VERIFIED, and have good reputation/join date on well established trading sites otherwise your paypal payment will be made through a third party and will cost 10% more than the skrill price. I will not go first, unless you are a GM trader for many years with impeccable reputation that far exceeds mine. My customers are 100% satisfied, I have never had any issues with anyone, except the occasional scamming attempt that won't work , so don't bother, I've been doing this for a long time. My skype is roneo1234, I'm on EU timezone. For those who become return customers and trade with me frequently, I will give you free extra orbs for return deals and bulk discounts. NOTE : Due to increased volumes of orders I'm getting, stock is limited on a day to day basis, however I usually always have some currency around.
  26. Did you copy and paste your old configs into the newer bot release? the notes say not to do that and it causes that issue. What skill do you guys use to setoff elemental equalibrium?
  27. Bot startet spiel und macht nichts mehr

    du musst das spiel auf dx9 oder dx9ex umstellen, kannste in den poe optionen machen
  28. Bot stuck selecting character

    yes, Bot needs DX9. Doesn't work with DX11.
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