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  3. Bot dont work for me

    hope the patch comes fast .....
  4. 『EB交流群』已開放|另有代購服務

    line id : pigeleph
  5. 台服還有人可以掛嗎??

    = = 可以了
  6. 台服還有人可以掛嗎??

  7. Bot dont work for me

    ok, we have to wait
  8. 台服還有人可以掛嗎??

    如題 從電腦版更新後 從沒成功過 不曉得哪有問題
  9. Last week
  10. Stopped working

    1) pathing issues are very common, 1 in 3 maps from act 1 and act 2. 2) character sometimes goes idle and seems to not know what to do. 3) bot doesnt pick up nets and doesnt see it as currency. 4) quest progression is still in beta but with new nets and stuff, should have an option to keep a certain amount of nets in inventory rather than stashing them all the time.
  11. bot just idling

    I had the same issue, but I could fix it with the solution I found here on forum First of all, I downloaded bot with fresh configuration then I set him to farm act1 coast (in PoE you need to set default attack skill on Right mouse button ) if bot will go to the coast and start hit mobs there so it works normally and issue is in your settings after this try to use bot with minimal changes from default settings P.S. I can't find the original post that helped me but I'd like to give thanks to that staff member who wrote the solution
  12. Stopped working

    What are you talking about?? Bot runs fine since 3.2 release.
  13. Stopped working

    3.2 now and the bot is still not working, there is probably a bunch of major changes and many new programmers willing to take up responsibilities but the main developer behind this is not so keen on this project anymore and yet doesn't want help. I dont see any post requesting for help or opening job positions for programmers.
  14. bot just idling

    Many people have the same issue. Mine too. Seems like you should post together a combined thread with everyone facing the same issue.
  15. Bot dont work for me

    I have lots of problems with the bot too. I feel that we have donated and supported the developers but they arent free enough and not willing to pay others to do it or allow it to be open source so more people can improve upon it.
  16. Happens to mine too. Sometimes he sees a stair and he tries to get to it but he just runs back and forth... may be pathing issues.
  17. How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2017 Edition

    Check your running direct x 9 not direct x 11 in graphic settings in game
  18. How to setup the Exiled Bot - 2017 Edition

    reason your running to top right of map is cause your still using direct x 11 and you havent changed to direct x 9
  19. Need help with bot chaos recipe

    Downloaded it just now. Made some changes to my settings and the bot is picking up stuff now but its putting it in the stash tab rather than the chaos tab. I have a feeling its picking up all the rares it encounters but still wont do the chaos recipe. Can you give me a list of things to do to get my bot to start doing the chaos recipe, if I'm starting with a fresh install of the latest version?
  20. Bot dont work for me

    I have this same issue, it may be due to the game update. Give it some time for people to respond Malygos, no need to get salty.
  21. Need help with bot chaos recipe

    So you're not using the latest bot version (0.74b), right?
  22. Need help with bot chaos recipe

    So I did what you suggested but my bot is still not picking up any items. What I currently have for my settings - everything on the image - deleted the long list of rares on the pickit file -kept the " // [Category] == "HelmArmorBootsEtc" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [DPS] > "10000" && [StashItem] == "true"" part in but commented them out - kept the "// [Category] == "BeltRingAmulet" && [Rarity] == "Rare" && [ItemLevel] >= "60" # [StashItem] == "true" part in but commented them out My bot still wont pick up anything
  23. Настройка

    С этим разобрался, кто подскажет как сделать чтобы валюта складывалась в спец ячейку для неё в сундуке? А RGB шмотки продавались вендору?
  24. Настройка

    Добрые люди, кто поможет настроить бота на лучницу (вихрь стрел)?
  25. Bot dont work for me

    nice support, waste of money ffs
  26. Q&A/Вопросы и ответы

    Такая же беда, помогите.
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