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  2. Not looting Maps

    In normal [Category] == "Map" # [StashItem] == "true" is enought to pick up all Maps! Check if you have enabled the bot to pickup items in general!
  3. Not looting Maps

    Do you have smart pickit enabled?
  4. Today
  5. Need [name] or some other easy/fast way to setup my filters.... Please consider this request. Thanks.
  6. Not looting Maps

    Could anyone help me out with this one...everything is working perfectly except the fact that the bot wont pick up maps while running them. I've tried: [Category] == "Map" # [StashItem] == "true" // [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" // [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Magic" # [StashItem] == "true" // [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [StashItem] == "true" and... // [Category] == "Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Magic" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [StashItem] == "true" even... [Category] == "Map" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Magic" # [StashItem] == "true" [Category] == "Map" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [StashItem] == "true" None worked for me...any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Chaos recipe not working

    Fixed in 0.73d.
  8. Bot progression

    only acts 1-4. 5-10 are hjopefully in the works
  9. Bot not working for me.

    I'm having this exact same problem, I tried a few different programs and everyone crashes as soon as it enters a map. Did you find a solution? Does anyone know a remedy?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Bot progression

    Hello, bot progres work from act 1 to act 10? (making main quest only)?
  12. Bot don´t do nothing

    sure sorry, my fault,,, lol sorry
  13. EB doesn't working

    me too, bro
  14. Chaos recipe not working

    Bot doesn't recognize 'currency tab' and completely ignores it.
  15. Exile bot doesn't working it start walk -> and stop running -> then pop up the chat -> wait and walking. the bot do the same cycle does anyone have the same problem like me. i am playing poe with steam. and just start bot today.
  16. Chaos recipe not working

    I've the same issue, when bot have a complete a chaos recipe in stash, it try to withdraw the items from a wrong stash tab, so it stucks like that indefinitly. Also my bot stash currency, items and maps in a the same tab, ignoring my stash settings, so I think there is an issue with the bot stash settings.
  17. Why does the bot stop working after it returns to hideout?

    IDK. I had same issues with getting stuck stashing.
  18. I set my bot to do maps, and with back up do act 9 core. It doesn't take the map out of the stash tab to do maps, and went straight to act 9, I decided to leave it, then after the bot filled the backpack and came back, it just afks there. Doesn't do anything, doesn't do map or go back to act 9. So I stopped the bot and made a map myself, then got in and restarted the bot. When the bot filled the backpack and returned, it went afk at stash again. What is going on, does the bot even work?
  19. Chaos recipe not working

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it! MasterOfSilence: my thoughts as well so that was the first thing I tried, didn't help though. Darkdreamz: Yup, it seems to be related to premium stashes. I didn't open them to public but still it causes problems so now I use regular tabs and it works again.
  20. Bot not working for me.

    Yea I had it set up, the problem was because I had it attached to f.lux and f.lux wasn't running in admin mode. I got a new problem though, the things I attach to will crash after a bit, mostly during the pass the loading screen part, what should I attach it to? I couldn't find the video where someone said to attach to paint, but when I have paint open the bot doesn't detect a paint process, what do?
  21. Bot not working for me.

    Do you choose Steam version in bot's GUI?
  22. 這樣的電腦配備開VM畫面很卡?

    VM的畫面本身不會順到哪去 還要看你遊戲設定的畫質跟你VM的配置 當然我也不清楚你是什麼樣的卡
  23. Bot not working for me.

    I don't understand why the bot isn't working, my game is on DX9, I have the client setting set up, I'm using the steam version, the bot is on admin mode. I click start bot, it starts the game, and then stops there at the login screen with no actions made. Can someone help me with this Nvm i figured it out, the program i was attaching it to wasn't running in admin.
  24. EB 代購&教學

    各種EB代購 教學 30天300元90天600元180天800元 有需要更多服務 可以洽粉絲專頁專業代購_教學-275600699531079/
  25. Does this mean that it's something in your queue to work on, or are you indicating that GGG would need to incorporate more/specific detail on their side about the "real name" before you could even consider adding this feature? Just trying to understand expectations. Thank you.
  26. Exiled Bot .73c

    yeah that's what I assumed, it was reading that blasphemy was active and then just ignoring the other one, just wanted to make sure it was known about =)
  27. Last week
  28. 73C IN tw ggc CANT WORK in map ,It will crashed, but Act1~10 is ok. help
  29. Bot resizes window

    So cant use the bot for the past 2 days its broken nothing works
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