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  2. ViciousArt

    Having Trouble

    I took another look through the guide. I was not running game in x64. So now the bot tries to do things, however I'm getting this error in logs: "Error while reading inventory, looks like game data isn't loaded. Skipping update this time." Any idea how to fix that? The bot gets stuck in stash just sitting there. lastrun.log
  3. jotd

    Having Trouble

    Yes it still works with dx11. Your folders look weird, why is there a storm brand folder? \Exiled Bot Beta v0.89\Configuration\Storm Brand\config.ini Did you check out the AIO Guide on how to setup? https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/topic/24796-how-to-exiledbot-aio-guide-2021/
  4. h1209129

    收費教學使用 $500

    收費教學使用 $500 LINE :h1209129 也可以遠端幫忙設定
  5. So I'm trying to get this bot working and running. I'm using the latest version of the bot, I just downloaded it within the last hour or so. I followed the guides here on how to set it up. However, when I click start, nothing happens. Not a thing. I noticed there is no option in game to switch to DirectX 9, only 11, 12, or Vulcan. Am I missing something? Does this bot even work anymore now that POE doesn't support DX9? Did I just waste $30 for nothing? I've attached my last log, not sure what to do here. lastrun.log
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think I didn't change much. I finally added Charisma as amulet annoint so I can run malevolence. Having a bit of trouble "leveling", bot is only level 88. But thats not much of an issue, strong enough to clear maps fast. Just some rare combinations this league hit harder than usual. Maybe should squeeze in spell suppression, but I don't really wanna invest too much into gear. The quicksilvers are with increased effect enkindling orb for some more speed. Armour flask of course with increased armour and quicksilvers with reduced curse effect. Or vice versa. Life flask with "instant recovery on low life" and setup so that the bot only uses it below 50% -> always instant. Im running Basalt with increased evasion rating, but you can do whatever you want on that. skills.ini I setup my atlas like this, basically farming essences and blocking content that the bot cant do
  8. Last week
  9. so could you update your flasksetup and your skill?
  10. skyles


    bonjout je voulais teste le bot sur POE mais impossible de trouver le process a attacher une solution svp ?
  11. mattisreallybadatdota

    Slack invite

    this link is out of date again, it says invalid.
  12. vultures

    hello, need help

    use DirectX Repair to fix directX then you can see the bot window
  13. Happyguy

    hello, need help

    I tried to link here but it wouldn't let me.
  14. Happyguy

    hello, need help

    There is a guide section called " Guides" in the Home section. It has all the details you need how to set it up. Welcome to joining poe Bot community.
  15. Earlier
  16. makrus

    hello, need help

    nevermind, got it
  17. makrus

    hello, need help

    Hi, I'm just trying the bot, got a license but when I download it, I don't know how to make the bot window appear, could anyone help me? please (if u can give any other hints that would be usefull, I'd be grateful) (I just changed settings in poe to 800-600 windowed, reseted by default and those things)
  18. I can't seem to get the bot to summon zombies properly. Can you please provide a screenshot or instructions on how to get the bot to summon properly?
  19. Ok this league is way harder stand expected, kinda hard to progress with a bot only account. Anyway for now im running without malevolence and frostblink (and poets pen, because expensive ) Also no Flasksetup yet because im lazy. Only Granite on 3. skills.ini
  20. Bot version 0.89 has been released Download file attached to this post. Bot can be banned by client side Anti-Cheat software at any moment. Bot now is running in x64, be sure that you installed the corresponding vc redist (check readme file). Improvements since 0.88j: Fixed offsets for game version 3.18.0. Exiled_Bot_Beta_v0.89.zip
  21. จากเวปนี้เเละเคยซื้อผ่าน PayPal.
  22. หาซื้อ key bot poe ที่ไหน ใครทราบบ้าง
  23. Kintaro

    Slack invite

  24. the community is not active in the forum. we are on Slack. feel free to join: https://join.slack.com/t/exiled-bot-group/shared_invite/zt-198py8lyo-WzlBVD15~vYNW1MffM50Sw
  25. PS: I'm gonna level my main account on the first 2 days, so don't expect any immediate updates. If you struggle to get it running, just use Kinetic Blast and Corrupting Fever in the combat setup until I return.
  26. Hi, for 3.18 I'm going KB CV Champion... again. But this time with a little guide for my homies. We will use RueToos Build Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b7y0_nes_UFfVuhQpJyAmkj6SNvZPZBkBGWTYpAPHzs/edit But with the current PoB from him: https://pobb.in/AE0-4ZPZ-vDE The setup I'm currently aiming for is the "Level 6x -9x" from the PoB. Wont use the Frenzy setup, because obviously we will only run maps. I have attached an prepared skills.ini. Maybe will need some updating, will see after launch. Not sure if my double use of "travel skill" will work (Frostblink + Shield Charge). We use Frostblink to trigger Arcane Surge. If it seems buggy maybe we need to remove Frostblink and find a workaround. If you can not fit all auras remove one from the setup duh. PS: I'm using double quicksilver with enkindling orb for increased effect skills.ini
  27. a41175292

    2021 EB分享群組 想+的留ID

  28. Rangarr

    Slack invite

    The slack invite link seems to be broken, Can we get an updated version since every part of this forum seems to say "join slack"
  29. Is this bot still working? Is it likely to work for the new ladder? I don’t see any posts from this month ( could be my own error in just not seeing them) so I’m hesitant to move forward with any donation; would anyone be able to answer these questions and perhaps a few more like “does this bot have scripts for leveling a fresh character?”
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