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  3. This can happen due to low fps or other kind of lag. Just add your items to pickit, so bot would stash them and not sell.
  4. jojo92247


    +-++++++ chow00416
  5. duongstun

    Ban Type?

    Whenever you're banned and email support they always say you are welcome to create a new account to play, so no, they don't ban your HWID. Unless you run a massive currency farm that inflate the economy they probably won't give a shit about your HWID. I don't even use VMs or VPNs for the last couple of years, got over a dozen accounts banned but never any of the accounts that I play manually. GGG is pretty consistent in their detection of EB lol.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Switchtarget

    VPN on VM

    Hi all! Just wondering how do you guys setup the VPN on a Virtual Machine? Do you use something like NordVPN? Or do you set it up in the Network Adapter itself? Unfortunately, the game cloud provider im using doesnt have VT option enabled so i'll have to run it on my local pc. Thanks!
  8. luilein

    Stuckled on a abyss

    same problem -.- both is turned off but it still starts it all the time
  9. Bot Version: 0.82c Poe Version: Steam Hideout on: Yes Map Enabled: Yes Selected Zone: Canal Smart Pickit: Yes I purchase a Perpetual Quartz Flask of Heat ($$) TODAY, put it in the last Flask slot and turned the bot on. It ran for a few hours fine and I check it from time to time to make sure it's okay. The last time that I checked, I saw that my Quartz flask was missing from it's slot. I immediately stopped the bot and check my inventory and all inventory stash slots. It was nowhere to be found! The bot should NEVER touch the flask in the flask slot! This is a HUGE bug and I'm really unhappy about it!!!!

    Bot not running maps

    you are out of upgrade orbs or you are not running t1-t16 maps in the PDI if not it will skip half the maps
  11. soundpool

    Bot not running maps

    Any pointers here? Did my combat routine, flasks and imported a pickit from this forum. Uncommented the reroll of ele reflect and map quality upgrading. Everything else is standard and newly installed.
  12. rimorudo

    stuck here , help please

    i am currently stuck at here too. Seem like everyone still run it normally
  13. rimorudo

    Help with map setup

    Did you get ur problem fixed? I am stuck at that bot go HO then the bot app crashes every time I try to run it
  14. rimorudo

    trying to get started

    I got the same problem and I try running map with all default settings but It did the same like you. I hoped that it will run maps or something but it keep crashing every time after traveling to HO
  15. softcjtn

    Unexpected disconnection occurred

    Awesome answer^^
  16. Last week
  17. Ricardus

    can i also farm MAPS with this bot?

    I can't set up, have some explanatory video?
  18. SupZerg

    Bot not running maps

    Most likely your config is wrong.
  19. TheBig

    Unexpected disconnection occurred

    Solved: it was VPN. proton VPN updated their software and it was causing this problem. If someone has similar problem, you should know it is network issues.
  20. soundpool

    Bot not running maps

    Hi, The bot was running fine for a few hours, but suddenly it no longer runs maps. Out of the blue, without interruption. I have not edited the map setup file, it should do the defaults. With the exception of elemental reflect maps (reroll, not ignore) Now it ignores all maps and just runs desecrated chambers act 10. Which is not the one set as botting act, I have the Torched courts set for botting. By the looks of it, it just completely ignores the configuration set and thinks I haven't completed the campaign for some reason. Any insights on this? Thanks in advance. lastrun.log
  21. My VM machine is having issues with " unexpected disconnection occurred" frequently with this 3.11 league. Also it is lagging severely in terms of NPC response and character keep returning to previous position. Does anyone experience same thing as I do?
  22. TheBig

    Start bot freezes in VMware 12

    It sounds like VMworkstation problem , not bot. I used VMworkstation 12 before but never frozen. Try to use VMworkstation 15.
  23. SupZerg

    can i also farm MAPS with this bot?

    Mapping is the main purpose of this bot.
  24. darkdevil87

    can i also farm MAPS with this bot?

    you can farm map
  25. sensey90

    can i also farm MAPS with this bot?

    hey guys! can i also farm maps with this bot? or its work only for act? thx
  26. If bot activate mapping and there is no map, bot don't run act. If bot turn off mapping, there is no problem running act. What should I do? I am active in regue Here is a person who has the same problem. lol
  27. อยากได้บอทมาลองอะครับ ราคายังไงบ้างมีคนสอนไหม
  28. หาคนขายคีพร้อมสอน set บอท
  29. luilein

    Pickup Sulfite

    Plzzz add this function! Would be sooo amazing!!! Thank you!!! ❤️ (Everyone plz hype this post!!!)
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