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  2. Bot not currently patched?

    Ever since 3.9.1 "metamorph" enabled completely dummies the bot out - makes it run in circles or in a line, and ever since 3.9.2c, the bot has completely stopped working altogether. Entire bot is shut down dead atm
  3. Zana mods auto select

  4. Bot not currently patched?

    Hello, my bot just moves and wont do Maps, is this because of the patching yesturday? or is there something wrong with my bot? Best Reguards
  5. Yesterday
  6. Zana mods auto select

    Hello, Is it possible to let the bot select a Zana mod everytime it runs a map? I didn't find anything in de map isd file. Thanks in advance.
  7. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

  8. 2019 EB討論LINE群

  9. Last week
  10. it validates item name and price. you can change the coordinates and price all you want, the bot will not sell it unless the premium stash matches the whisper Also, this bot solves an issue most users have. Everyone has valuable items but lose interest in sitting in their hideout waiting for a whisper. There is a whole other market outside of your own timezone, so while you're asleep those are missed opportunities to sell your items. This bot will do the work for you while you sleep. It's also compatible for usage on VM so you can free-up your keyboard/mouse.
  11. Interessting... but wtf, these prices are unreal. I wouldn't even pay 1 $ a week. He just uses AHK, Easyhok, Metro Framework and Newtonsoft. You can still get around many things like positioning. For example: Copy a whisp, change the X/Y position and be suprised what item he tries to sell you. Also he just looks for "Grey-Alch", "GreyAlch2", InGameMenu, Inventory and so on via pixelsearch. I mean, wtf there is a outdated code which is nearly the same.
  12. Bans in current league?

    Nice! I assume you're using a VPN, right? I have Exit Lag, I guess that will work. I don't want my main account to get banned (i have like $100 usd in mtx). Do you run it on a Virtual Machine? and which vpn do you use? Thanks in advance...
  13. Bans in current league?

    Lost ~20 accounts. Still good profit.
  14. Bans in current league?

    Hi, i'm about to buy the one month license and i wanted to know the experience of you guys using the bot in metamorph, are you getting banned often? how many accounts have you lost, is there any way to avoid or low the risk of being banned? Any tip will be greatly appreciate it...
  15. I tested and it works, instructions were easy to follow, i manage to find a bug and it was quickly fixed.
  16. Yes that's right. Paypal will generate your key (invoice ID) for my bot. You will then use that key to activate my bot. All payments are handled through paypal.
  17. I talked with developer last night. Ill give it a try today. As for the payment, as long sale is made using PayPal buyer is safe. VirusTotal Scan
  18. 如 戰亂,裂痕(這個有按鈕可以開啟),密教,礦坑這些 補充還這個次賽季的塔恩 另找還有2020活著的Discord或者LINE交流群的嘛
  19. Beware of these "trade bots", recently bought one for $15 dollars and after he received my payment, the guy blocked me on every account we've been in contact before. I don't know about this guy, but if you think it through, the real trade bots make thousands of dollar selling exalted orbs... why would they sell you the program? They don't need to. This is only my opinion. Good luck everyone.
  20. Weird start of bot?

    My bot normally starts, I will click start bot, It will start game but.... doesnt log in ... SO bot is working just doesnt log into the game so cant farm
  21. 2019"新EB"LINE群組

    ID: lioudee
  22. Weird start of bot?

    What does your log say? Make sure you have visual c++ 2017 x64 installed and start bot as admin.
  23. 2019"新EB"LINE群組


    I have this problem too. About Chinese today update(3.9.2b) bot cannot use .

    If nothing happens , try look at the compendium and download redists and driectx
  26. Weird start of bot?

    Any help? Thanks

    hi supzerg, ok i am trying to make a lifetime donation and it is asking me all of this sensitive info, isnt there a way where i just chose to buy product and use my paypal instant ? why do i need to give all this info on purchase ?
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